Yoo Ah-In explains why he doesn’t let go of SNS posts, despite the controversies.

On the morning of November 21, actor Yoo Ah-In participated in an interview to promote his new film “Sovereign Debt.” During the interview, he answered a variety of questions, ranging from his role in the film to his personal life and SNS.

Film “Sovereign Debt” is set in 1997 during the Asian Financial Crisis. At the time, South Korea was experiencing a rapid economic growth and there was a haste to build great conglomerates to compete on the world stage. As the businesses kept borrowing, many of them failed to ensure returns and profitability for foreign shareholders.

In the film, Yoo Ah-In took over the role of Yoon Jung-Hak, who willingly resigned from his company to turn the threat into an opportunity. Since JTBC drama “Secret Affair” to film “Sovereign Debt,” he has walked a rather different path than other actors in his age. One of the reporters asked, “because of this, people seem to often misunderstand your intentions. Do you ever feel that you are accused wrongfully?”

To this, the actor answered, “I do sometimes. I want to fight against the accusations, but most of the time, I just want to live my life the way I want. Instead of living a lifestyle that is satisfactory to other people’s eyes, I want to life my life. Whatever choice I make, I only care that I personally won’t regret it in the future.”

To this, the reporter asked, “is that why you are so active on social network services?” Yoo Ah-In answered, “I continue with SNS simply because it exists. I don’t really have a grand philosophical reason to it. I’ve found and experienced convenience in it and I keep going back to it. It’s just like I’m communicating with my friends.”

The questions arose because the actor is known for being able to express himself freely on his Instagram and Facebook. Because of this, he had found himself as the subject of many controversies, especially those related to feminism, but did not waver his opinion based on the public’s perception of him.

Yoo Ah-In concluded, “I hope for the day, where more people can express their opinions more aggressively to create better harmony. I hope that we can escape from people who like to take sides and split us into two different groups. Instead, be the owner of your own life and voice your will and opinions. One day, that will seem like a natural thing to do and different thoughts will eventually become one to come up with solutions. I truly do hope that will be the case in the future.”

Image source – UAA, Photographer Kim Jae-Hoon

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Translated by Dasol Kim