Yang Hyun-suk (YG), the CEO of YG Entertainment, expressed his gratitude to BLACKPINK’s fans as member Jennie continues to make steady progress with her debut song “Solo.”

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Image source – YG

YG Entertainment’s CEO took to social media with screen captures of iTunes worldwide chart and of him streaming “Solo” to show support for Jennie and to express gratitude towards her fans. In the post, the producer and executive included the¬†hashtag “Thanks Blinks” among others to show his appreciation.

The first member to make a solo debut, BLACKPINK member Jennie released her first song on Monday and has steadily risen on multiple charts. In particular, she has topped eight real-time charts in Korea and iTunes charts in 40 countries including Argentina, Armenia, Brazil, and Sweden.

Additionally, she has also managed to top iTunes worldwide songs 200 chart. Notably, it is the first time that a Korean solo artist has topped the list. Moreover, another accomplishment includes surpassing the 10 million views mark on YouTube just 15 hours after the video went live on the site.



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