BLACKPINK is about a month away from returning with a new album.

On Friday, the CEO of YG Entertainment Yang Hyun-suk (YG) posted some information regarding BLACKPINK’s future activities as both a group and as solo artists. As a group, a new song and EP is scheduled for release in mid to late March and will have a number of new songs on the tracklist.

The release of their new album comes about nine months after their last return highlighted by title song “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du,” which has over 300 million views on YouTube. This milestone is particularly impressive as it was released less than a year ago in June.

This appears to be a response to fans’ request for more songs. In once answer the CEO acknowledged that the “fans’ greatest desire is to release new song more often” and for more regular full-length albums. However, he says that he cannot meet that desire explaining that while it is important to release new songs frequently, he believes that is is “even more important for BLACKPINK to release more high-quality songs and music videos.”

Like most of the group’s discography, head producer Teddy is and will be working on BLACKPINK’s songs. Talking about this a bit, Yang wrote that “they were more than I had imagined” and “you can look forward to it.”

Additionally, he reveals that he recently meet with Lucian Grainge from Universal Music and John Janick from Interscope Records to talk about the group’s expansion into the U.S. market. From the meeting, the reaffirmed they believe in the group and are pushing for its successful promotion.

Besides the group news, there was also more news about the members’ solo debuts. According to Yang, the next in like to go solo is Rosé. She will have her moment in the spotlight sometime after the group, but things seemed to be progressing steadily. “We’ve finished selecting [songs] that be suit Rosé vocals,” he wrote. Although YG Entertainment has not nailed a timeline down, Yang said that plans to have Rosé, Lisa, and Jisoo release solo songs within the year.

Meanwhile, the group is going to appear on Good Morning America on the 13th and 15th with GMA Day. Moreover, they are also performing at Coachella in April.




By O.C