Yang Hyuk-suk entered the area of controversy surrounding Seungri regarding a violent incident that occurred at the nightclub Burning Sun, a business in which the singer is involved.

On January 31, the CEO of YG Entertainment Yang Hyun-suk apologized for the assault that took place at Burning Sun in an attempt to resolve the situation, protect Seungri, and clarify specific facts related to him as it stands.

The apology was posted on his public blog on Thursday afternoon and notably focused on Seungri rather than on the nightclub situation as a whole. Specifically, addressing some rumors and where the entertainment agency stands in all of this.

After apologizing to fans for the unexpected controversy surround Seungri and the rumors that have circulated because of it said he wanted to address these directly. “I wanted to quickly confirm and respond to the rumors about Seungri’s club from the beginning. But it was a difficult situation for YG [Entertainment] to come forward and announce its official position since it is [Seungri’s] personal business and has been carried out completely unrelated to the company,” wrote Yang.

Moreover, Yang explained that it was difficult to determine fact from fiction. “I also had issues checking the facts. I’ve never been to the club and had no¬†idea who the club’s personnel were, so there was no way to ask or confirm details about the incident.”

However, Yang did clarify whether the BIGBANG member was present at the club when the incident took place. According to the CEO, on the day of the incident, Nov. 24, Seungri was at Burning Sun until 3 a.m. at which time he departed. This is three hours before the violent alternation between a club patron, personnel, and police, which is confirmed to have taken place after 6 a.m.

Additionally, he refuted the rumor that that illegals drugs somehow played into the situation. “The focus seems to be shifting to investigating possible drug use regardless of the [physical assault],” comment Yang. Seungri took a urine and hair test to see if he tested positive of any drugs. They both came back negative.

With all that said, Yang expressed regret for the fact that Seungri failed to deescalate the situation and issue an apology early one. “I feel very sorry for the fans who must have been worried about this too. I tried to express my position in writing this apology, but I had to hold off for a while. We decided it would be better to clarify the position after the investigation revealed the truth of the case more clearly.”

Image source – MBC

On Monday, MBC “New Week” reported on a recently surfaced incident that took place at Burning Sun last November. Kim Sang-gyo, a man in his twenties, claimed to have been assaulted by the club’s personnel and police that result in severe injuries including broken ribs after being dragged out of the¬†building. His story launched an investigation on the claim with investigators going over CCTV footage, questioning the police who were present, and testing for drugs.




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