‘Nothing to Lose’ marks the actor’s third drama this year, after ‘Queen for Seven Days’ and ‘Introverted Boss’.

Source: Jump Entertainment

Yeon Woo-jin’s agency, Jump Entertainment, made an announcement regarding the actor’s new drama. “Yeon Woo-jin will be playing Seo Eui-hyun, the main character in SBS’ new Wed-Thurs drama, ‘Nothing to Lose’. The script reading will take place on Oct 23.”

‘Nothing to Lose’ is about Lee Jung-joo, a female ‘good-for-nothing’ judge who tries to unveil her brother’s secret, and Seo Eui-hyun, an ‘elite’ judge who has always dreamed of becoming a judge.

Seo Eui-hyun (Yeon Woo-jin), is a judge who looks through records and court rulings with an impressive degree of levelheadedness, and is an expert in mediation. His cold, analytical brain and warm heart makes him similar to the wise Solomon. He does not let money, support, or social ties interfere in making fair decisions.

Yeon has starred in three projects so far – like dramas ‘Introverted Boss’, ‘Queen for Seven Days’, and the film ‘The Table’.

Agency representatives talked about Yeon’s preparations for the upcoming drama. “Once his appearance was confirmed, Yeon immediately started analyzing the script and studying his character. He has shown enthusiasm for his role by attending a real court trial. Please show lots of support for him.”

‘Nothing to Lose’ will begin airing in Nov, and will replace ‘While You Were Sleeping’.


Original article
by Yoo Ji-hae

Translated by Janet Kang