A rivalry game of the ages between some of South Korea’s hip-hop heavy-weights is going to play out on the first episode of “Target: Billboard – KILL BILL.”

Image source – MBC

MBC’s new hip-hop survival entertainment program “Target: Billboard – KILL BILL” (hereafter Kill Bill) is set to make a splash with a roster of hard-hitting rappers putting on top-line performances and conversations where they don’t mince words.

The roster made up of YDG, Dok2, Jessi, Cheetah, BewhY, and Rhythm Power has already received an enthusiastic response from their fans. In particular, the show’s concept where the winner collaborates with an American artist with the hopes to appear on Billboard’s music chart is different enough to catch people’s attention. However, it is not just the music that has people excited but the rivalries, too.

In one teaser, MBC showed YDG, Dok2, and BewhY gathering together in what looks to be a tense scene. All three come from different parts and perspective of the Korean hip-hop scene.

YDG is considered a legend from the first generation of rappers while Dok2 changed the game and created Illionaire Records with The Quiett, while BewhY made a name for himself on “Show Me the Money” on Mnet. In addition to their rivalry, many are excited to see how Jessi and Cheetah perform on the program. Notably, both appeared on Mnet’s show “Unpretty Rapstar.”

Meanwhile, “Kill Bill” is set to have ten episodes with the first one premiering on Jan. 31 at 11:10 p.m.




Translated by O.C