They will be counselors for a new dating program.

eric nam
Image source – InStyle Korea, SM Entertainment, Pledis Entertainment, OSEN News

Girls’ Generation Sunny, PRISTINE Nayoung, Eric Nam, Yang Se-hyeong, Park Na-Rae have confirmed their appearances as counselors in XtvN’s new program “Can You Interpret My Love.”

“Can You Interpret My Love” is a global reality dating program where the counselors provide advice to contestants on the show who are seeking love in Korea. Apparently, the cast will consist of foreigners who already live in Korea, but who are also looking for a love connection. The couples created on the show will have realistic daily dates around Korea where the possibility of attraction, jealousy, and competition will be displayed. Further, and possibly more interesting, will be the exploration of various styles of romance from different cultures.

The show creators anticipate that the passionate romance will stimulate the viewer’s interest until the very end. In Addition to the drama and excitement, the counseling sessions will also be a point to watch. As such, these two key points coupled with the honest and real stories of love that can cross borders is sure to make it a stand out show for the year.

Meanwhile, “Can You Interpret My love?” will have its first broadcast in February.

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