Writer Kim Eun-Sook strongly denied the divorce rumors that arose out of the blue.

On June 26, one news outlet reported that South Korean writer Kim Eun-Sook is getting a divorce after 12 years. They stated the writer could not overcome the characteristic differences with her husband and decided to split their ways.

In response, Kim Eun-Sook stepped up to deny the rumors. Through her SNS account, Kim said, “I woke up and suddenly became a divorced person. A news article about my divorce was written. As if it were true.”

The writer continued, “I did not get a divorce, and our family is doing very well. My daughter happens to be in the country since it’s summer vacation, and I’m furious that this article got released without my confirmation. Especially on the day of press conference.”

Image Source – Twitter @dramaonly

“I’m adding this statement just to make sure my absence at today’s press conference doesn’t get a wrong impression. As you can see out the window, today is the start of the monsoon season. We also have the firearm license only until the end of July, so I need to finish the manuscript for the last episode by next week. The news about me not participating in the press conference to finish the manuscript is true.”

She concluded, “I hope this doesn’t affect the press conference for my next drama “Mr. Sunshine.” And “Mr. Sunshine” will begin airing on July 7th at 9 PM, KST, on tvN.”

Image Source – tvN drama “Mr. Sunshine”
Hwa and Dam Pictures also released an official statement regarding the news.

The company said, “first, we would like to clarify that all reports about writer Kim Eun-Sook’s divorce is false.”

They continued, “she is doing very well with her husband and daughter. Moreover, we are upset that such a news came out while she is devoting herself to perfecting the manuscript of ‘Mr. Sunshine.’ If rumors related to this false report were to spread, we will take strong legal action.”

Writer Kim Eun-Sook married her husband in 2004. In the same year, she became famous for writing the script for ‘Lovers in Paris.’ Afterwards, she solidified herself as a Korea’s top writer by writing scripts for dramas ‘Lovers in Prague,’ ‘Secret Garden,’ ‘The Heirs,’ and recently, ‘Guardian: the Lonely and Great God.’

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Translated by Dasol Kim