Singer Woody has topped music charts for two weeks. Unfortunately, his success is also sparking a bit of suspicion.

Singer Woody’s new digital single “Fire Up” has remained no. 1 on major real-time and daily music charts for the past 14 days as of Feb. 12.

According to his agency, the singer first debuted with N-Train, a boy group that he eventually left. Afterward, he continued to create music and perform in South Korea’s indie scene. Notably, Woody wrote “Fire Up” and deals with a person’s attempt to move forward from a break-up.

However, similar to when Nilo and Shaun who topped charts and beat out popular idol groups last year, Woody’s reign has sparked a bit of suspicion. Some have expressed distrust that an unknown singer has found a way not only to no. 1 but has somehow managed to maintain the position for half a month.

Perhaps it is because no chart-dominating K-pop groups have had a comeback in the past two weeks, but Woody’s place at the top has not drawn public ire in the same way as Nielo and Shawn. Both artists and their companies faced investigations although officials concluded that neither had manipulated charts, noting that there were no irregularities in streaming activity. Even so, the investigations and the media attention tarnished their reputations.

Moreover, while the possibility chart manipulation remains unclear for Woody, the role of marketing on social media platforms like Facebook may have a negative effect on charts’ credibility by giving the perception that charts are easily swayed by external marketing.

Both Nilo and Shaun indicated they used digital marketing, a very common practice, to promote their songs. The question is whether this kind of marketing has the ability alone to push independent artists ahead of K-pop stars. For now, the answer is yes with one caveat: the songs are good and the comments under Woody’s music video alone clearly confirm this.




By O.C