Like the Wonder Girls it seems that Miss A’s time is drawing to a close.

Original photo by JYP Entertainment

The Wonder Girls, Miss A, 2PM and 2AM were important and transformative groups under JYP Entertainment. Combined, these groups changed the K-pop industry and helped power the Hallyu wave, the globalization of Korean popular culture. However, as of this year Wonder Girls have disbanded, 2PM is focused on solo activities and military enlistment, while 2AM refrains from just admitting they have disbanded. Now Miss A is taking the steps to dismantle like the Wonder Girls, or so it seems.

Miss A Min

On November 9 JYP Entertainment in an official press release that Min decided not to renew her contract after it expired. The expiration of the contract marks her departure of the agency and Miss A. Min’s departure from the group follows Jia’s decision to leave early last year. With only two members Miss A does not qualify as a group.

In addition to Miss A losing members, the group has had no activities or promotions since the 2015 hit “Only You“. Instead, members (former and current) have focused on solo activities: Fei and Suzy released solo albums last year; Suzy continues to act and be a brand model. Meanwhile, Jia is currently focusing on growing in the Chinese market. Likewise, Min is expected to return as a solo artist under a different company.

By O.C