Two important ice skating competitions are to take place over the weekends and act as the opening events for the season.

Kim Ye-lim – OSEN News

The Korea Skating Union announced that from December 21 to 23, two figure skating competitions will take place at the Mokdong Ice Rink in Seoul. There the 2018 KB Financial Group’s Nationwide Men’s and Women’s Cup Ranking competition and the first round of the 2019 Nation Figure Skating competition will take place.

The two national events kick-off the skating season for Korean athletes who will likely head to international competitions abroad in the coming months. There are upcoming events in Russia and the US through February and March 2019 that athletes can choose to attend. Moreover, ISU World Figure Skating Championships, this year held in Japan, will also be held in March.

Cha Jun-hwan – OSEN News

This coming weekend, a total of 98 athletes, 15 men and 81 women, along with a junior ice dance team, will participate in the events. In particular, some of Korea’s top-rated skaters including Cha Jun-hwan who is a two-time national champion and Kim Ye-lim, the 2018 CS U.S. International Classis bronze medalist, will compete.



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