The winners of the 15th Korean Music Awards have been announced. BTS took the honor of “Musician of the Year,” as the first idol group to win the award.

On February 28, Korean Music Awards announces winners of each category, as well as of four compound categories – Rookie of the Year, Musician of the Year, Song of the Year, and Album of the Year.

“Selecting BTS for ‘Musician of the Year,’ we reconsider the definition of the award,” said committee member Kim Yoon-ha. “Placing its name on famed foreign music charts or performing on global stages, or even millions of record sales are rather secondary reasons.”

“Born in the Korean pop music scene, the group has captivated young people of the concurrent generation with their music and the world built upon their own characteristics. Their album was fine and its movement will make various forms of waves on the country’s music scene for few years ahead. We can’t speak of the year 2017 and BTS apart.

Red Velvet and IU, who respectively received Best Pop Song (Red Flavor) and Best Pop Album (Palette) were other K-pop names honored by the awards. Hyukoh was named several times, winning Best Modern Rock Song, Best Modern Rock Album, and Song of the Year.


Below is the full list of the 15th Korean Music Awards winners.

Best Rap/Hip-hop Song
Woo Won-jae – Jetlag (We Are)

Best Rap/Hip-hop Album
Viann X Khundi Panda – Reconstruction

Best Jazz Album
Lee Ji-yeun Contemporary Jazz Ensemble – Feather, Dream Drop

Best Crossover Album
Han Seung Seok & Jung Jaeil – And There, The Sea At Last

Best Jazz/Crossover Performance
Hogyu “Stiger” Hwang Quartet – Straight, No Chaser

Best Modern Rock Song
Hyukoh – TOMBOY

Best Modern Rock Album
Hyukoh – 23

Best Dance/Electronic Song

Best Dance/Electronic Album
Idiotape – Dystopian

Best Metal/Hardcore Album
Abyss – Recrowned

Achievement Award
Lee Jang-hee

Best Folk Song
Kang Tae-gu – bleu

Best Folk Album
Kang Tae-gu – bleu

Best Pop Song
Red Velvet – Red Flavor

Best Pop Album
IU – Palette

Best Rock Song
Se So Neon – The Wave

Best Rock Album
Lowdown 30 – B

Best R&B/Soul Song
Rico – Paradise

Best R&B/Soul Album
Hippy Was Gipsy – Tree

Rookie of the Year
Se So Neon

Musician of the Year

Song of the Year
Hyukoh – TOMBOY

Album of the Year
Kang Tae-gu – bleu


By Heewon Kim