With the release of his first solo album just seven days away, Mino (Song Min-ho) introduced a poster for his song “Fiancé.”

Image source – YG Entertainment

On Monday, YG Entertainment posted a teaser poster for WINNER member Mino’s first solo album XX on its website. Although simple, the dark colors with the singer dead-center give off a powerful aura. Interestingly, dressed in a matching beret and suit outfit with might red boots, Mino has a certain charm. However, his look is hard to connect with the title track “Fiancé,” which has a romantic connotation.

Nonetheless, as fans digest the new image, the concept of the album is sure to be interesting considering that the singer wanted to ensure that there were no limits to the release. This idea is even reflected in the title of the album XX. According to Ilgan Sports, the meaning behind the title is that there is no correct answer and can be interpreted differently by each person.

On another note, “Fiancé” is a hip-hop song that samples the classic Korean track “Soyang River Woman” by Kim Tae-hee. Notably, the song was written and composed by the WINNER member with the help of Future Bounce, and Texu.

Meanwhile, Mino is expected to perform the new song when WINNER performs in Seoul and tours North America next year.



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