“Dieting,” is a term heavy with significance from healthy eating, to unhealthy societal pressure. Nonetheless, diets and their benefits remain a big concern and goal for many.

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Image source – OSEN News

To get results, those who decided to go on a diet usually have to exercise regularly and manage their food intake. As such, celebrities who work to successfully change their image continues to garner public interest.

However, while dieting is widely understood as a means to lose weight, there are many who do so to gain weight. In fact, these celebrities admit that they stress about their low weight.


Jung Ryeo-won

When Jung Ryeo-won made a guest appearance on SBS “My Little Old Boy,” the actress revealed that she takes after her mother in more than just looks. “My body doesn’t gain weight (easily), I am like my mother in that respect,” she said.

Continuing, Jung mentioned that her mother says that she is envious of people because her “lifelong desire is to gain weight.” In addition, Jung reveals that she feels stressed because she’s heard she is too skinny. Previously, the actress endured rumors that she got her figure from the eating disorder anorexia.

Height:  166cm/ 5’5″  Weight: 45 kg/ 99 lbs.


SNSD Sooyoung

Among the members of the girl group Girls’ Generation, Sooyoung us naturally very thing. Instead of working out to lose weight, the singer said that she tried to gain weight to make her body look better. To do so, she has a personal trainer and does yoga with a focus on strength exercises.

Height: 170 cm/ 5’7″  Weight: 45 kg/ 99 lbs.



Fans recently raised concerns about singer Sunmi’s weight, who advised her to eat and gain a few pounds. In an interview (link in Korean) with fashion magazine CeCi, the singer admitted that she is too thin in person, but is conflicted because it looks good when she is in front of the camera. However, Sunmi said she doesn’t try to lose weight but gains “more weight for my activities.”

Height: 166 cm/ 5’5″ Weight: 43 kg/ 94 lbs


Sandara Park (Dara)

When former 2NE1 member revealed she was 39 kg on an episode of tVN’s “This Double Life,” many were justifiably surprised. After revealing this, the singer added that he is stressed that she cannot gain weight and said that her goal is to be 42-43 kgs.

Height: 163 cm/5’4″  Weight: 39 kg/ 85 lbs.


Goo Hara

In past broadcast interviews, Goo Hara said that before she did not have a well-balanced diet. As a result, of the lack of nutrients, she lost muscle mass. Now, in order to maintain her figure, she constantly exercises

Height: 164 cm/ 5’4″ Weight: 44 kg/ 97 lbs.


Sojin (Girl’s Day)

In the past, Girl’s Day Soljin revealed that the other members often complain about her not gaining weight. In response, she usually tries to gain weight when the group prepares for their comeback. Moreover, she works to steadily improve her body’s condition with pilates and yoga.

Height: 167 cm/ 5’6″ Weight: 47 kg/ 103 lbs.




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