Whether that be winning awards, becoming brand models, or moving onto other acting projects, it is hard not to find a familiar face who starred in the show, except for one. Kim Tae-ri.

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The tVN drama “Mr. Sunshine” is one of the most successful series of the year, based on data from Nielsen Korea. For its final episode, the show reached a viewership rating of t 18.1% viewership rating nationwide with an even higher rating of 21.8% in the Seoul metro area.

With trusted screenwriter Kim Eun-sook, who worked on “Goblin,” partnering with director Lee Eung-bok, viewers enjoyed rich scenery coupled with a compelling narrative. The story following a U.S. officer (Lee Byung-hun) as he returns to Korea finds love and is interacts with activist fighting for Korea’s independence.

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With the success of the drama, it should come as no surprise that all of the major actors are in high demand. Lee Byung-hun, Byun Yo-han, and Shin Jung-geun and Lee Jung-eun are all working as brand models in different brands and advertisements.

Besides that, they are also involved in a flurry of other activity. In particular, Lee Byung-hun received numerous awards at year-end award shows for his work in the show. Further, Yoo Yeon-seok joined the cast for the musical “Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder” and is apart of tVN’s variety show “Coffee Friends.”

However, unlike some of her costars, Kim Tae-ri has been under the radar. Since the end of the drama at the end of September, she has only featured in a smattering of pictorials, became the face Tiffany & Co., and participated in a coffee shop event. Moreover, she has not said that she will attend any of the upcoming award shows. The mystery of what Kim’s whereabouts also is sustained because she does not update her social media often.

With that said, some have speculated that she is taking time between projects to rest. In fact, Kim has been quite busy for the past two years. Her films, 1987: When the Day Comes and Little Forest premiered about two months apart. At the same time, she toured the country promoting “Mr. Sunshine.” A representative of the actress confirmed that after doing different projects continuously for more than a year, they felt she should take to “recharge her batteries physically.”

However, that does not mean that she has completely stopped working. According to the representative, she is participating in several photoshoots taking place overseas. As a result, she is spending more time abroad than in Korea. Furthermore, there are several casting offers that she has yet to review, so fans shouldn’t have to wait too long until Kim announces her next project.



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