Many challenges lay ahead of Korea’s national soccer team, but coach Kim Hak-bum is sure they will succeed.

Image source – Daily Sports

Kim Hak-bum, the head coach for Korea’s national soccer team at the Asian Games, demonstrated his, and the team’s determination to win prior to their match against Kyrgyzstan on Monday.

As they trained at Gelora Bandung Lautan Api Stadium on Sunday, Kim shared some of his thoughts for the upcoming game and its significance. “There is no backup plan for tomorrow’s game,” he said. “We will play every game at the end and try out best.”

If the national team manages to overcome Kyrgyzstan’s team, it will secure the second place in Group F. Additionally, it will go on to the round of 15 starting on the 23rd.

Coach Kim understands the situation and divulged that he had decided on the starting players for tomorrow after thinking about it a lot. However, although there may still be some lingering worry, the coach expressed determination and faith in the skills of the players to make it through.


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