Weki Meki Choi Yoo-jung may have mistakenly assumed about Narae Bar to the owner Park Narae’s astonishment.


On March 6’s episode of JTBC’s My Mad Beauty 3, MC Park Narae was in for a surprise when Weki Meki maknae Yoo-jung innocently asked if she could go to Narae Bar when Park Narae wasn’t there. Park Narae was reported to be astonished at the question since Narae Bar is actually her home that she nicknamed as Narae Bar.


Weki Meki Yoo-jung isn’t the first person to be misinformed about the true identity of Narae Bar. Even top actor Lee Seo Jin was reported to have thought Narae Bar was an actual bar as previously mentioned on KBS’s ‘Happy Together‘.


Park Narae’s Narae Bar is widely known for looking incredibly like an actual bar based on the furnishings, “menu” of alcoholic drinks and bartender Narae’s amazing skills. Many celebrities have already had the chance to experience drinking at Narae Bar on various shows. While others like Daniel Henney has expressed his desire to visit Narae Bar. In particular, MBC’s I Live Alone has aired segments at Narae Bar contributing to Narae Bar’s popularity.



Park Narae has previously shared everything at Narae Bar is paid out of her own pocket. She does not accept any payments and budgets everything carefully as opposed to rumors. Narae has previously joked she provides more attention to single male guests to her “bar” like her VVVIP guest- actor Lee Seo Jin or newcomers.



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By Sara N