The romantic comedy “My ID Is a Gangnam Beauty” will get a drama adaptation by JTBC.

JTBC is discussing the adaptation of the popular webtoon “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty” into a drama. The webtoon is about Kang Mirae, a homely looking character who is “reborn” after undergoing cosmetic procedures to augment her looks. With this concept, the story falls into the beauty-transformation genre alongside “200 Pound Beauty” and “Birth of a Beauty.”

Additionally,¬†Choi Sung-bum¬†will reportedly be direct the drama. Some of Choi’s directorial works include the KBS2 shows “Jungle fish” (2008) and “Orange Marmalade” (2015). In addition to Choi Sung-bum, screenwriter Choi Soo-young, “Pure Love” (2013), could join the team. Casting for the drama is currently underway.


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