After a year of dating, the ‘Waikiki’ couple Lee Yi-Kyung and Jung In-Sun went back to being friends.

On June 8, HB Entertainment and C-Jes Entertainment both reported “Lee Yi-Kyung and Jung In-Sun have broken up. They decided to remain good friends.”

Therefore, the couple ended the relationship after a year of dating. In fact, it has only been two months since they confirmed their relationship in April. At the time, the fact that they appeared in JTBC drama ‘Welcome to Waikiki’ together but managed to keep it a secret until the last day gathered much attention. In addition, both had different “love lines” in the drama, which made it an even bigger surprise.

Afterwards, the two appeared in separate interviews and proved their affection for one another. Lee Yi-Kyung said, “it’s hard to be a ‘good person’ but I want to try. Jung In-Sun cares for other people. I depend on her a lot.”

Furthermore, Jung In-Sun said, “Lee Yi-Kyung is very easy to talk to and he gives me a lot of energy. We try to respect and care for one another. I’m very thankful for him.”

While the two are going the separate ways and focusing on work, they still decided to remain friends.

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Translated by Dasol Kim