In the days leading up to his enlistment, VIXX’s N has gone through a checklist including spending time with group members and cutting his hair.

Image source – Jellyfish Entertainment

On Monday, VIXX’s N will officially enlist into the military where he will go through about five-weeks basic training before getting an assigned position. Ahead of his time in the army, the singer and leader of VIXX has been ticking off a checklist which included spending time with fans and group members and cutting his hair.

On the singer’s official social media accounts, he released several pictures of himself having dinner with the other members of VIXX and his new haircut.

Image source – N’s Twitter account

The dinner and haircut come after fan meetings in both South Korea and Japan last month. On the 16th and 17th, VIXX met with some 6,000 fans in Korea. Then, toward the end of the month, he had a solo fan meeting in Osaka and Tokyo.

Meanwhile, the rest of the members will engage in solo activities until all members are reunited.




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