Ken from the boy group VIXX has joined the musical “Iron Mask,” joining Infinite’s Jang Dong-woo, B1A4 Sandeul, and BtoB’s Lee Chang-sub.

Vixx Ken
Image source – Daily Sports

VIXX Ken has extensive experience in theater having taken roles in such plays as “Titanic,” “Hamlet,” “Boys Over Flowers,” and recently won an award. His extensive experience, singing skill, and acting ability have made him a certified musical actor in the entertainment world.

In the “Iron Mask,” from the story “Man in the Iron Mask,” Ken takes on a lead role as the imprisoned twin brother of the vain and self-righteous French King. As the twin brother, he is a threat to the reign of the king, through behind bars with an iron mask to hide his identity from the world. Notably, the VIXX member will have to play both the king and prisoner, which will create an exciting challenge for the singer.

“Iron Mask” is the next big budget, major production musical from Cleopatra Musical, the company behind the 10-year-old musical “The Three Musketeers,” in Korea. As a result, with an amazing cast and production company working behind the scenes, the musical is already gaining attention.

Fans interested in the show will have to wait a few weeks before the “Iron Mask” opens. According to sources, the musical’s premiere is set for September 12 at the BBHC Hall of the Kwanglim Arts Center. Tickets go on sale on September 3.



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