Vietnam’s popular coffee franchise, Cong Caphe, is showing a successful performance in its first week of opening the first overseas store in Korea.


Since its opening on July 31, the Vietnamese coffee shop has been attracting thousands of customers in one of the greatest coffee-loving countries.

Located in Yeonnam-dong, a quiet neighborhood in Seoul which houses some of the trendiest coffee shops, Cong Caphe’s first store in Seoul has been forming lines since the first day of its grand opening.

Originally started its business in 2007 in a compact store, Cong Caphe is now one of the leading coffee franchises in Vietnam, with over 50 outlets across the country.

Cong Caphe’s signature items include Coconut Smoothie Coffee and Condensed Milk Coffee, both of which are the most popular items in Korea as well. People in Korea find the coffee shop attractive, especially because it replicates both the taste and the atmosphere of the local store.

Thanks to the massive popularity, Cong Caphe currently plans to expand its business in Korea.


By Heewon Kim