After maintaining eight days of silence, singer Jo Hyun-ah finally speaks on the incident.

Jo Hyun-ah
Image source – V Live

On April 15, Urban Zakapa singer Jo Hyun-ah had a V Live broadcast where she addressed the recent controversy concerning images of her and Myname member Chaejin.

During the broadcast, she said, “Many people are concerned after seeing me playing an embarrassing game. Or that Chaejin was wearing underwear instead of shorts, which is not true.” She states that fans “do not have to worry.”

Hyun-ah reveals that she was “sad and frightened at first” because of all the attention, but overcame this. Instead of worrying about the incident, Hyun-ah has decided to focus on her upcoming solo debut. “I will try to greet you with more mature music. I will also make good music for you,” she said.

On April 7, a video clip of Jo Hyun-ah and Chaejin circulated on online communities and social media sites. In the clip, the two are shown playing a game with Chaejin wearing shorts that many mistook to be underwear. As a result of the video, many people speculated that there was more to their relationship than just friendship.

In response, both parties and their agencies denied the rumor and Chaejin issued a personal apology. All involved reaffirmed that the two singers became friends after meeting on the idol reboot program “The Unit,” which ended in February.

Meanwhile, Jo Hyun-ah first solo album is coming out on the 18th.



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