Upcoming drama “Vagabond,” starring Lee Seung-Gi and Suzy may also air on major networks across the globe, including America and Japan!

On July 12, Sony Pictures Television met up with Celltrion Entertainment to sign a business agreement for a global distribution of upcoming K-drama “Vagabond.”

Attending the event were Celltrion Entertainment’s CEO Park Jae-Sam, and Sony Picture Television’s Ken Lo. Celltrion is the company in charge of producing “Vagabond,” that has used its own internal capital to create the drama. With their legendary lineup of cast members, the company had already received much attention worldwide, even before this event.

With the signing ceremony completing in success, Sony Pictures Television is now in charge of the drama’s global distribution. As a result, the drama “Vagabond” confirmed to simultaneously air on major channels across the globe, including America and Japan.

Image Source – Celltrion Entertainment

Many professionals in the industry expect this agreement to open new doors for entertainment contents to spread their business, internationally. Furthermore, as it’s the first time a domestic production company has joined forces with a global media corporation, much anticipation arises as to how this will influence the future of global media business.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung-Gi and Suzy both confirmed to star in the drama last month.

“Vagabond” tells a story of a man who digs into political corruptions after getting involved in a plane crash. Director Lee Gil-Bok from “Romantic Doctor Kim” will direct the drama, going abroad to Portugal and Morocco to establish the near-perfection video quality. In addition, Jang Young-Cheol and Jeong Kyung-Sun of “Giant” have partnered up to write the script.

After they successfully finished the first script-reading on June 2, the drama is currently in the process of filming. It aims for a premiere in 2019.

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Translated by Dasol Kim