tvN ‘Cheap Tour’ Violates Broadcasting Laws With Seungri Ordering Sejeong to Pour Drinks for Male Guests

On October 10th, KCSC (Korea Communications Standard Commission) announced that a tvN show ‘Cheap Tour’ has severely violated gender equality laws with a scene that started with BIGBANG Seungri’s suggestion.

On August 18th’s episode of ‘Cheap Tour’, BIGBANG’s member Seungri told Gugudan’s Sejeong to “pour drinks to her favorite men’s glasses”. Sejeong, the 22-year-old singer and actress, looked embarrassed and confused, but she later poured beer into two of the five male guests’ glasses.

KCSC announced, “After reviewing, we have decided to bring in the tvN, XtvN, and OtvN’s ‘Cheap Tour’ case to our general meeting considering the travel show aired a scene where a female guest had to pour drinks to male guests to indicate favorable impression”.

“tvN has been repeatedly violating gender equality laws, and XtvN and OtvN aired the episode during the safe hours for adolescents television viewing”, KCSC continued.


by Audrey Joung


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