Group Triple H canceled all their upcoming scheduled activities due to the storm following news that members Hyuna and E’Dawn are in a relationship.

Triple H
Image source – OSEN News

Triple H’s agency Cube Entertainment told news outlets on Saturday that the group has decided to cancel upcoming “Retro Future” promotional activities. In particular, the agency said that they will not appear on MBC “Music Core,” nor SBS “Inkigayo,” and have scaped scheduled fan signing events.

Further, although Cube Entertainment did not specify a specific reason, many have concluded that the cancelation is due to the relationship between members Hyuna and E-Dawn. On August 2, the agency had initially denied rumors that the two were dating. However, later that same day, Hyuna herself admitted that the two have been in a relationship for as long as two years.

As a result of the sudden news, some fans protested and expressed anger at the news. Due to the backlash from some fans, they decided that it would be better to drop their upcoming events. Notably, the fan sign was canceled since it would be the first time the group would interact with fans since the news, and they did not know what to expect.



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