Kpop idol group EXO’s reality tv show Travel the World on EXO’s Ladder will be returning January 21 (KST) with its second season on OKSUSU.


The second season of EXO’s reality tv show will be premiering on Monday January 21 on OKSUSU with exciting scenes for viewers. Compared to last year’s first season, OSEN has reported all decisions throughout the show will be based on the results of the ladder game. This means everything related to traveling like destination, food, lodging, spending money etc. will be relying on luck.

First season screenshot

Before filming for the show, EXO members are said to have met up with the crew with different plans for new season. Interestingly, every member had their own unique preferences for travel that strongly contrasts with other members. As a result, in the process of choosing the first travel destination was filled with anticipation and nerves.

During the first ladder game of the second season to pick the first travel destination, it is said EXO members were in disarray as the first conflict occurred foreshadowing the not so smooth travels ahead. EXO’s first travel destination will not be spoiled on this article but if you want to know watch the trailer below. EXO-Ls are you ready?


By Sara N