Former SNSD member Tiffany is releasing a new solo album as Tiffany Young!

On June 14, several sources revealed that Tiffany is aiming for a summer comeback and is nearing the end of preparation for her new album. She will come back as soloist Tiffany Young to greet her fans in between June and July.

Furthermore, she has already finished recording for her new single, and only has the music video shooting left. It was also revealed that Tiffany directly participated in all aspects of her new album, from music to concept and styling.

In addition, Amazon also reported that Tiffany’s solo album is expected for released on June 28 and started the pre-sale. They also released a cover photo of the album, which uncovered the title song, “Over My Skin.”

Meanwhile, Paradigm Talent Agency in America announced that the company signed a new contract with Tiffany Young on June 13. After staying at SM Entertainment as a member of SNSD for years, Tiffany left the group last year. Afterwards, the singer moved to the U.S. to focus on studying music and acting.

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Translated by Dasol Kim