On Tuesday, an anonymous person posted a petition on the Blue House’s the father of former Girls’ Generation member Tiffany swindled them out of hundreds of millions of won. Now, Tiffany has come forward to stating her official position on the matter.

On Wednesday, Tiffany released a statement through her agency saying that she wanted to share her position with the many people who may have been affected by what her father has done, essentially confirming the information in the Blue House petition.

In the statement, the singer revealed that since childhood she went through a lot because of her father’s problems. “People who I didn’t even know who involved in my father’s affairs due to various debt-related issues threatened me after my debut,” she said. News has come out before regarding her father’s debts since she was a member of Girls’ Generation (SNSD).

Continuing, Tiffany revealed that she was forced to pay off her his debt, “I also felt it was a family matter, so I took financial responsibility many times.” Adding to that, it was a constant fear of affecting the reputation of SNSD. More surprising, the singer reveals that it has been around seven years since she, and perhaps other family members, decided to end their relationship with her father because of constant threats.

After revealing all of this information, the singer said that this was not an easy choice for her. “It was not an easy choice to tell you about my family history,” adding that she regrets what her father has done, and the hurt that he may have caused others.



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