Former Girls’ Generation singer Tiffany is expected to make a comeback after overcoming controversy over her father’s debt.

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Tiffany will release a new song titled “Born Again” on January 24 and will meet her fans once again. In particular, her comeback comes about two months after she experienced difficulties due to her father’s history of accumulating debt.

Last year, in December, Tiffany disclosed personal details about her relationship with her father and his debt and fraud. In her story, she revealed that victims of her father’s scheme world threaten her while she was in Girls’ Generation after her father failed to pay back tens of millions of won. In response, the singer apologized to those who were affected by her father in the past.

“I had a hard childhood because of my father’s problems. People who I didn’t even know who were involved in my father’s affairs because of debt, threatened me after my debut,” Tiffany said. “I also thought it was a family affair, so I took financial responsibility several times.” According to the singer, at some point, she couldn’t afford to pay for his past mistakes and cut her out of her life.

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After going through this controversy, she declared a new start after deleting all the photos on her social media. Besides this, her song “Born Again” signals a new beginning for this singer.

“It is time heal [old] wounds. I found acceptance and grew. In my life, when I created songs without lyrics, there is little peace. But art created during struggle is the most authentic and valuable experience. These songs gave me peace,” said Tiffany.

Taking about her new song, she said that she hoped it would be meaningful for people in need of love and light. Continuing, she hopes that it will give them the strength to endure and not give up in hard times.



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