Tiffany’s Father Is the Latest Celebrity Parent Accused of Fraud

Singer Tiffany’s father is in hot water because of the accused fraud of her father.

On December 4th, a petition was posted on the Blue House’s official website saying he or she was a victim of Tiffany’s father’s fraud.

In the petition, the person said, “I was once scammed by Hwang (Tiffany’s father). While Hwang was running a company in the Philippines, I gave him a couple hundred million won for things like the lease deposit or rental fees for heavy equipment. However, when I requested Hwang to return my money after I realized I wasn’t ready for the business, he threatened me”.

The person continued and said, “after I came back from the Philippines, I even wrote a post online. However, Hwang asked me to delete the post and promised me to return my money. Yet, even after I deleted the recordings and photos, I only got back a portion of the money … I know this happened 10 years ago and I am worried and almost fearful that I’m bringing this up again. However, I think society has changed to a place where we can freely talk about celebrities’ families to the public now. That’s why I am posting this after all those years.”

It has not been confirmed whether the person’s argument is true or not. However, Tiffany’s side also has not made any official statement.

Meanwhile, recently, many celebrities’ parents have been accused of fraud including Microdot, Dok2, Rain, MAMAMOO’s Wheein, Cha Ye-ryun, and Lee Young-ja.


Original article
by Audrey Joung


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