Every year the William Reed Business Media publishes compiles lists of the world’s 50 best restaurants worldwide, in Latin America, and Asia.

The lists serve as an “annual snapshot of the opinions and experiences of more than 1,000 international restaurant industry experts.”

To decide on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants,  Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy, an “influential group of over 300 leaders in the restaurant industry” that span all of Asia, utilized their expert opinion and experience to create the list.

For 2018, three Korean eateries made the list due to their creative reinvention and combination of traditional Korean food with a modern spin and international influences.


No. 11 MINGLES: “Mingling contrasting elements into harmony”

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 From Mingles:

“While our restaurant has been inspired by and respected traditional Korean cuisine
as the foundation for our cooking, in our latest menu we have strove (sic) to explore new techniques and sensibilities. Our goal at Mingles is to show you a new way of Korean cuisine.”

From 50 Best:

Why it’s worth a visit: Since its opening in April 2014 in Seoul’s buzzy Cheongdam-dong district, Mingles has been wowing local and international diners with its fusion of eastern and western cuisine. So much so, that the restaurant was the Highest New Entry to Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2016 and has now been voted Best Restaurant in Korea for the third consecutive year.



No. 26 JUNGSIK: “New Korean Fine Dining”

From Jungsik:

“Jungsik is a two-Michelin starred restaurant in Seoul and New York, serving contemporary, creative Korean Cuisine. Owner Chef Jungsik Yim reinvents Korean cuisine using traditional and familiar ingredients, creating a brand-new genre of food: New Korean Fine Dining.”

From 50 Best:

What makes it stand out: Jungsik is New Hansik with flair. The restaurant combines Korean culinary techniques with those from all over the world, adding in local, seasonal ingredients and flavours.

http: //www.jungsik.kr


No. 46 TOCTOC: “No boundaries for food”

 From TocToc:

” With an open-minded approach to cooking, we try to cook with ingredients and recipes that cross the countries’ borders and time. We provide the best ingredients for each season.”

From 50 Best:

The menu: Kim (the chef and founder) mixes eclectic with classic on his menu, which features broad international influences and mirrors his ever-curious mind. Expect to see dishes such as roasted scallops with black truffle cappuccino foam or 12-hour cooked octopus with tapenade. More familiar dishes such as ceviche and steak are also regular features, with a decadent foie gras terrine with seasonal fruit compote and brioche just one of the more recent highlights.




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