ON Restaurant 

How much time does it take for you to finish a plateful of food? You wouldn’t have bothered to time your meal, but at this buffet restaurant in Seoul, Korea, you might want to.

ON Restaurant, located near the busy Hongdae Street, is must be the hottest buffet right now in Korea. Even before the opening hours, which is from 6 PM to 9 PM, lines are formed in front of the restaurant by people willing to wait for hours.

ON Restaurant

Once you’re successfully seated, you will be given a stopwatch. The random gadget might leave you puzzled, but it will come handy once you start eating, as you will be charged for the seconds you spend on eating, for the rate of 1.98 KRW (approximately 0.002 USD) per second.

With the rate applied, you will be paying 3,565 KRW for a 30-minute meal and 7,130 KRW for an hour. For the party of 6 or more, you will be charged a group rate.

Operated by the South Korean telecommunication company KT Corporation, ON Restaurant is actually a promotional pop-up buffet opening only for a short amount of time. In order to promote their international roaming rate, the telecommunication company opened a buffet that charges people the same rate as the roaming rate.

ON Restaurant

The buffet’s rotating menu, too, implies the countries counties the 1.98/sec rate applies. Each day, the buffet serves different main dishes – Steak on Tuesday, Salmon Sashimi on Wednesday, Bahn Mi on Thursday, Dim Sum on Friday, Shashlik on Saturday, and Khao Phat on Sunday – introducing six of the counties the international roaming rate applies.

ON Restaurant’s first location will be open until September 20. For detailed information, visit their website.


By Heewon Kim