‘The Unit’, a KBS idol rebooting project will begin airing this October 28 (Sat) for a total of fourteen episodes.

Since August 2, about 500 people applied for the show. The continuous in-pour of applications from current idols is bringing in attention and interest from the public.

‘The Unit’ stands for ‘You I And Plus (+)’. The show will bring in idols who have already debuted but have not yet had the chance to fully showcase their talents. Successful participants will have the opportunity to debut in a new unit.

Those who have debut experience and a desire to stand on stage are eligible to apply.

Participants will be divided into two teams, male and female. The program will focus on giving participants the hope to pursue their dreams and the audience a chance to discover potential idols.

“Our goal is to create the best group, a group that will represent Korea. We will introduce a new process that will help idols turn over a new leaf,” said ‘The Unit’ producer, Park Ji-young.

“The participants we interviewed often used the word ‘last’ to show their strong will and determination. Their passion moved us and also gave us a sense of responsibility,” she said.

‘The Unit”s first episode will air on October 28 (Sat).


Original article
by Yoo Ji-hae

Translated by Janet Kang