Singer Dana from the SM formed girl group The Grace apologized for what fans’ believed were negative comments targeting them and her members.

Image source – OSEN News

During a broadcast that Dana has on social media, a fan asked about the possibility that the singer would release a solo album. In response, Dana answered that if The Grace had ever topped a music chart that she would have been able to have a solo debut. Further, she said that if fans worked hard for the group, she would have debuted.

When asked about a possible reunion with the other members she frankly answered. “Rina is negative about (another) The Grace album,” she said adding that she is not in contact with member Stephanie now.

Some took her answers as negative, feeling like she blamed the group’s lack of success on fans and the members as well. Additionally, the singer reportedly flipped the bird when viewers began to criticize her have magnified the controversy.¬† As the fans’ criticism continues, Dana made her social media account private.

In order to mollify the situation, Dana provided an apology through her agency, SM Entertainment, saying that she will reflect on her actions and apologized for her behavior. More, she added that she regrets any hurt that she caused the viewers. Lastly, she concluded that she would be more careful and ensure that it will not happen again.



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