Boy group Teen Top’s Niel has been casted to play lead role in the upcoming film ‘SWAG.’

‘Swag’ is a movie about a boy from a wealthy family, who matures through his sincere pursue in music. The movie started filming on May 14 in Seoul, and will also take place in Los Angeles, California.

Niel will play the lead role, the boy with silver spoon in his mouth who fights through various hardships and set-backs to become a recognized artist. Regarding his screen debut, Niel stated “it’s a lot of pressure since it’s my first time as a lead role. However, I can relate to the character because it’s a music-themed film and I am a singer. I want to depict the growth in my character as best as I can.”

Director Lim Sung-Kwan, who is in charge of directing ‘SWAG,’ has previously directed many music videos. The list includes Taeyeon’s ‘WHY,’ BTOB’s ‘MOVIE,’ Block B’s ‘Jackpot’ and many others. Furthermore, his connection with Niel started when he directed Teen Top’s ‘Miss Right’ music video.

Meanwhile, Niel is also preparing for Teen Top’s solo concert ‘2018 TEEN TOP NIGHT IN SEOUL’ in July, after the group recently finished their ‘Seoul Night‘ promotions.

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Translated by Dasol Kim