Sechs Kies once again create a yellow ocean of emotion with their fans.

On August 15, YG Entertainment released a teaser video for ‘SECHS KIES 2018 CONCERT’ on its official SNS channels and official blog.

In the short clip, the enthusiastic support of the group’s fans is almost palpable. The fandom’s long-sustained love, support, and passion for the singers are visible is the ocean of yellow made dotted with cheering light sticks and balloons.

Notably, and most excitingly, at the end of the teaser, the entertainment company raised expectations with an announcement. The words “See You Soon” ends the clip, hinting at the groups 2018 concert.

Regarding the teaser, a YG Entertainment representative said that the boy group “always prepares [for] concerts with a lot of emotion” with helps to create colorful performances. A part of their enthusiastic and enthralling show can be credited to “memorable hit songs” but also “trendy choreography stage manners,” the agency explained.

Sechs Kies continues to demonstrate the level of their popularity that has last two decades. Last year, the group celebrated their 20th anniversary to a sold-out stadium.



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