HA:TFELT, EXID and GOT7 release beautiful teaser photos, while BtoB opts for a comedic clip.

October Comeback Updates: GOT7, EXID, BtoB, HA:TFELT
Yee-un and Jeong-wha in most recent teasers – Amoeba Culture, Makestar Entertainment


In her most recent teasers Yee-un, now going by the stage name HA:TFELT, released album details. Yee-un’s upcoming album, Meine, will apparently feature two tracks, “I Wander” and “Read Me”. Additionally, Gaeko and PUNCHELLO will be feature on the songs, respectively. Check out the photos below!


EXID released Jeong-hwa’s photos for a photo-book project for the girl group’s 5th anniversary project, “Whoz That Girl?”. Interestingly, The title is reminiscent of their debut, which had the same name. Furthermore, the next teaser photos are expected to be released after the Chuseok holiday period in Korea.


Jin-young’s individual teasers have been released today. This teasers is the fourth our of seven individual teasers for 7 for 7, which will be released 10/10. Check out his sun-kissed photos below.



By O.C