[Teaser] Heize and SHINee’s Onew Play In New Teaser


CJ E&M has just released the MV teasers for Heize’s summer comeback. In the teaser for 널 너무 모르고, ‘I Don’t Know Much About You’, the singer/ songwriter and rapper is seen with SHINee’s Onew playing in an outdoor, half semi-urban half country setting as a electronic chillhop mix plays throughout the teaser.

This comeback will mark the release of Heize’s third album, III. CJ E&M Music has explained that the meaning behind the name of the album is ‘you’, ‘rain’, and ‘dark clouds’. With the MV teaser and the meaning behind the album’s name fans of Heize can look forward to new and exciting music.

Heize rose to fame after appearing on Unpretty Rapstars 2 in 2015