[M/V] Red Velvet Yeri Releases New Song ‘Dear Diary’ on SM Station

Red Velvet is the latest artists to release a song on the third season of SM Station, a digital music project that allows its artist to work their creative muscles.


Notably, this is Yeri’s first solo music project independent of her group Red Velvet. Impressively, the singer wrote the lyric for her SM Station song “Dear Diary,” which conveys the unique sentimentalities of people in their twenties. With the song’s fresh and love charm and an addictive melody, it had raised people’s expectation of what to expect from the singer should she decide to release more music in the future.

Red Velvet Yeri and NCT DREAM Collaborate for Animation “Trolls” OSTs

Red Velvet’s Yeri and NCT DREAM have joined forces for the upcoming track of “SM STATION,” as well as an OST for the animated film “Trolls.”

On December 4, SM announced that Red Velvet’s Yeri and NCT DREAM have collaborated as the second artists to release a track for “SM Station Season 3.”

Image Source – SM Entertainment

According to the reports, the upcoming track “Hair in the Air” features Yeri of Red Velvet and Renjun, Jaemin, and Jeno of NCT DREAM. The track will also be used as the title track of Dream Works’ animation film “Trolls,” which will air in South Korea on Tooniverse on December 20.

Furthermore, Haechan, Chenle, and Jisung have also collaborated on track “Best Day Ever,” which is another track that will be played during the broadcast of “Trolls” on Tooniverse.

Meanwhile, the two tracks “Hair in the Air” and “Best Day Ever” will drop on December 13 at 6PM, KST.

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North Korean Defector Reporter Says Red Velvet’s Performance was Disappointing

On April 1, reporter Ju Sung-Ha from Dong-A Ilbo said Red Velvet’s performance at the East Grand Theater in Pyongyang was rather disappointing. This particular reporter is known for being a North Korean Defector.

On March 3, Red Velvet performed at the Pyongyang Arena for the cultural exchange event in North Korea

On April 6, Ju Sung-ha reporter shared his thoughts on Red Velvet’s performance in Pyongyang on his SNS account. He said, “Red Velvet’s performance demonstrated the rotten and deteriorated culture of Capitalism. Although it was a hot topic to talk about, it didn’t draw much attention from the Northern audience.”

In addition, he said, “I remember seeing a Chinese idol group perform for the first time in my 20’s. I was just like ‘what is this?’ because it didn’t amuse me. Basic ability to sing and dance in a group is nothing to brag about in North Korea. Especially when you don’t even sing that well.”

Continuing his thoughts, Ju Sung-ha said over hundred thousand people can dance in sync in North Korea. He specifically said, “it’s a disappointment to see such a scattered choreography from only 4 people. Exactly at which point are we supposed to be amazed?”

Ju Sung-ha reporter also targeted former SNSD member Seo-hyun. Regarding Seo-hyun’s performance, he said, “the women sitting as the audience are North Korea’s elite singers. I am most certain over half of them can sing better than Seo-hyun.”

However, Ju Sung-ha commented on the change in atmosphere of North Korea. He concluded, “the citizens of Pyongyang really enjoyed themselves in front of Kim Jong-un. The cultural spirit of Pyongyang did not go away, it was just very suppressed. I’m glad this cultural exchange event has somewhat awakened the frozen hearts of Pyongyang.”

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SM Entertainment Supports President Moon Jae-in With His Diplomatic Activities

Various artists from SM Entertainment are accompanying President Moon Jae-in with his “soft diplomatic” activities. Besides the recent cultural exchange event in North Korea, these artists are accompanying the president in summit diplomatic events as well.

On April 1, Kim Jong-un made a surprise appearance at the East Pyongyang Grand Theater, where Red Velvet performed with other South Korean artists. Kim Jong-un had apparently said, “many wondered whether I would come or not to see Red Velvet perform.” Afterwards, Red Velvet member Irene stood next to Kim Jong-un to take a picture, and Yeri mentioned how nervous she was to shake hands with Kim Jong-un in an interview.

Image Source – photo@newsis.com

Red Velvet is an idol group under SM Entertainment. Seo-hyun, who was a host for the events in Pyongyang, also stayed in SM Entertainment for over 10 years. Furthermore, another SM idol group EXO performed at the closing ceremony of Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, and EXO member Baekhyun sang the national anthem at the IOC General Assembly Opening Ceremony.

SM Entertainment artists supported President Moon in his summit diplomatic activities as well. In December last year, President Moon Jae-in attended the Korea-China Trade Partnership event in China. Next to the president were EXO-CBX members, Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin. The members accompanied the president throughout all events in China, from the opening ceremony to state banquet.

On November 7, 2017, First Lady Melania Trump with Shinee Min-ho during President Trump’s diplomatic visit to South Korea
December last year, EXO-CBX and actress Song Hye-kyo accompany President Moon Jae-in on his visit to China

Moreover, to congratulate President Joko Widodo’s first daughter’s marriage, President Moon Jae-in brought with him a video message from Shinee member Minho and signatures from EXO members to Indonesia. Also, Shinee member Minho kept First Lady Melania Trump accompanied during President Trump’s visit to Korea last year.

There is no special connection between President Moon’s office and SM Entertainment.

However, President Moon Jae-in did have a meeting with associates from SM Entertainment while running his presidential campaign in May last year. The president got to meet the management team from SM Entertainment at a Korean Cultural Exchange Conference at SM Town. When requested by the entertainment to attend EXO’s concert, president Moon Jae-in said, “I can’t make you a promise. But I promise to be the president that knows how to enjoy a cultural life.

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Red Velvet Yeri’s Comment After Visiting North Korea Sparks Huge Debate Among Netizens

After successfully finishing their first performance in Pyongyang, North Korea, Red Velvet shared a few comments about their experience. However, something Yeri said during the interview sparked a huge debate among South Korean netizens.

On April 1, Red Velvet members each shared their thoughts after performing at the East Pyongyang Grand Theater. Yeri said that “it was an honor” to have met the leader of the Worker’s Party of Korea, Kim Jong-un. Many netizens argue that Yeri wasn’t being careful with her words, while others say it was just a polite gesture towards the other party.

Specifically, Yeri said “I didn’t think we would get to shake hands with Kim Jong-un, but we did and it was such an honor.” She continued, “but it was more honor to have met so many North Koreans. I wish there will be more opportunities like this in the future.”

Netizens outraged at this statement and argued how meeting Kim Jong-un was “an honor” to her.

Image Source – Screen Capture from Google Image Search

On April 2, comments arose in various online communities regarding Yeri’s comment on meeting Kim Jong-un. One side of the netizens are arguing “Yeri didn’t mean any harm when she said it. She was just trying to be polite,” while others said, “it’s like saying it was an honor to have met Hitler. What’s the difference?”

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Red Velvet Yeri Targeted by Malicious Fans During Her Graduation

Fans of different groups point lasers at Red Velvet Yeri during her graduation ceremony.


On February 7, thousands of students all over South Korea donned their uniforms for the last time at their graduation ceremony. However, what was supposed to be a happy and celebratory event, took a dark turn for Red Velvet member Yeri.

Behind the scene photos of the Yeri’s graduation from Hanlim Multi Art School revealed a startling image. During the young star’s graduations, a dozen red lasers were pointed at her — mostly at her face.

While eye damage from pocket lasers, like the one used on Yeri, is unlikely, there are some genuine concerns. If the manufacturer does not properly calibrate the pocket lasers to federal standards, they can damage the retina of the eye.

Notwithstanding, the harassment should not have taken place, and Netizens have expressed anger and exasperation at the incident. Meanwhile, Red Velvet recently returned with the R&B hit “Bad Boy.”


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Red Velvet Yeri Breaks Down After IU Mentions Jonghyun During Acceptance Speech

Red Velvet’s Yeri broke down in tears as IU mentioned Jonghyun during her speech.

On the 10th, Red Velvet participated in the ’32th Golden Disc Awards’, which took place in KINTEX.

At the award, IU received the best digital song award. During her acceptance speech, she mentioned SHINee Jonghyun, who passed away on the 18th last month.

“To be honest, I’m still very sad. I had to say goodbye to this person who was so precious to me as a person, friend, and musician. I feel sad and sorry because I think I know part of the reason why he was suffering so much”, IU said.

She continued and said, “I hope all of you, as artists, take good care of yourselves. I hope you all express what you feel and don’t get hurt at the end.”

After the speech, IU sang her song ‘Through the Night’ and all other artists came up on stage. Among the solo artists and groups, Red Velvet’s Yeri turned her back on the camera and broke down in tears. Other singers around her comforted her.

It is known that Yeri was especially close to Jonghyun. At Jonghyun’s leaving ceremony on December 21st, Yeri showed her tears.


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[Teaser] Yeri Tells Us Her Childhood Dreams in Her Teasers

From the words that are translated in to four different languages we find out something surprising: Yeri dreamed of growing up to be jam when she was younger, and with her fruit (grape) it may be safe to assume that grape jelly was her favorite!

Red Velvet is set to release their new mini album July 9 with the title track ‘Red Flavor’. According to the group’s Twitter account ‘Red Flavor’ is a song that portrays the feeling of a hot summer and the exhilarating feeling love.

What do you think of Yeri’s teasers and dream? What did you want to be when you were young?