AOMG Seeks the Next Generation of Hip-Hop Artists Through Competition Show

AOMG Official has partnered with MBN to launch a new competition show to find the next generation of great hip-hop talent in South Korea.

Jay Park, Simon Dominic (top row), Gray, Code Kunst – AOMG

MBN and AOMG Official are collaboration to discover the next generation of South Korean hip-hop artists in the form of a competition survival show. For the new program called “SighHere,” the show will look to find the artists that are extremely talented rappers, vocalists, or producers. In particular, they are looking for people who are well-rounded with both basic production and performance skills.

Artists from AOMG Official including Jay Park, who is the CEO of the label, Simon Dominic, Gray, Code Kunst, Woo Won-jae and more, will join the program as team leaders. The leaders will try to recruit members who will compete against opposing teams in the show. Further, if they struggle to get people on their side, they themselves may have to step into the competition which is a facet that is raising expectations.

On top of that, it is noteworthy this is the first program headed by producer Nam Sung-hyun, who transferred from KBS to MBN. Previously, Nam worked on “Hyena on the Keyboard” and assisted in the creation of the hit collaboration song “Don’t Give it to Me” by Loco and MAMAMOO Hwasa.

Meanwhile, “SignHere” will premeier during the first half of the year.




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AOMG Music Family Gathers to Send Loco Off to the Military

The AOMG family gather together to send off labelmate and friend Loco as he begins his two years of mandatory military service.

Image source – Instagram

On Wednesday, rapper and singer Gray posted a photo on social media with different artists signed to AOMG Music as a (temporary) farewell to friend and labelmate Loco (real name Kwon Hyuk-woo) who enlisted. The rapper is and is set to go through basic training before serving as a police officer.

In the photo Gray, Simon D., Ugly Duckling, Code Kunst, DJ Pumpkin, Woo Won-jae, Elo and others strike different poses around a cardboard cutout of Loco. Along with the photo, Gray wrote “my dear Hyuk-woo, don’t get hurt and make sure to come back healthy.”

Image source – Instagram

However, the AOMG members weren’t the only ones to post a goodbye message. On the same day, Loco took to social media where he announced his latest album which also served as a goodbye present for his fans. “Hello, my new album Hello, will be released at 6 p.m. tonight. Please enjoy listening to the album,” the rapper wrote. In response, fans responded with massage and comments of encouragement and to say their farewells.

Image source – AOMG Official

The new EP has six tracks and features many of the talented artists from his record label with collaborations with pH-1, Woo Won-jae, Paloalto, and Zion T. Moreover, it is also produced by Gray, Woogie, Goosebumps, Thurxday and Kitsches. In addition to the album, AOMG plans to sell limited edition stamps and calendar featuring Loco.

Meanwhile, besides Loco, BtoB member Lee Min-hyuk, rapper Hanhae, and former Infinite member Hoya also enlisted on Wednesday.



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Woo Won-Jae Opens Up About Relationships and Struggling with Mental Illness

Rapper Woo Won-Jae is not afraid to reveal the details of his life to his fans.

On October 3 broadcast of MBC “Radio Star,” Woo Won-Jae appeared as a guest and opened up honestly about the details of his life. The rapper proudly revealed that he has a girlfriend and also confidently talked about struggling through various mental illness.

First, when the hosts asked him about the romantic aspect of his life, the rapper did not hesitate for a second to reveal that he has a girlfriend. Woo Won-Jae said, “I didn’t have a girlfriend when I was doing the pre-interview for “Radio Star.” We were broken up at the time, but we recently got back together.”

Then, the hosts asked if he worried that his fans would not like the fact that he is in a romantic relationship. In response, the rapper said, “my fans actually like that I’m honest about everything. I think that’s better than lying to them.”

The rapper’s announcement caught everyone by surprise. It is not easy for a rookie rapper to so easily admit to have a girlfriend. It could lead up to many different scenarios, the worst being the fans leaving him. However, he was confident because he firmly believed that going public with his relationship was better than lying to fans. Further, he asserted that he would take responsibility for his honesty.

His honesty did not stop at the romantic aspect of his life. Woo Won-Jae continued to reveal that he is currently undergoing medication for several mental illness. The rapper said, “I’m taking medication for anxiety and panic attack. For me, it’s just like going through a cold. I need to be okay with talking about it to other people nonchalantly. Then, I would finally realize that it’s okay to be mentally ill. I realize it’s not serious and it will be cured with medication.”

Meanwhile, Woo Won-Jae gained much popularity through Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 6” in 2017. Afterwards, he signed an exclusive contract with AOMG that also houses famous rappers, such as Jay Park and Loco.

Image Source – MBC “Radio Star”

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AOMG Code Kunst Partners with Loco and Woo Won-Jae for New Digital Single

New AOMG producer and artist Code Kunst unveiled eye-catching teasers for his new digital single “Bless.”

Image source – AOMG

Producer Code Kunst is ready to release his first song under hip-hop label AOMG. According to the teaser image, his single “BLESS” will feature rapper Loco and Woo Won-jae, who are both known for their unique musical style.

With a history of hits under their belts and a strong reputation in the music world, expectations are already high for the new song. Fortunately, fans won’t have to wait long too hear the single. AOMG plans to release “BLESS” on various online music sites on August 16 at 6 pm KST.

Meanwhile, it has been about two months since Code Kunst released his single album Rain Bird in June. During that same month, the producer announced that he would be joining AOMG, adding to the label’s repertoire of rappers, singers, and beat makers.

In particular, founder and current solo CEO Jay Park has had a flurry of activity in the U.S. and South Korea, raising expectations for each artist under the label.



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Winners of 15th Korean Music Awards Announced

The winners of the 15th Korean Music Awards have been announced. BTS took the honor of “Musician of the Year,” as the first idol group to win the award.

On February 28, Korean Music Awards announces winners of each category, as well as of four compound categories – Rookie of the Year, Musician of the Year, Song of the Year, and Album of the Year.

“Selecting BTS for ‘Musician of the Year,’ we reconsider the definition of the award,” said committee member Kim Yoon-ha. “Placing its name on famed foreign music charts or performing on global stages, or even millions of record sales are rather secondary reasons.”

“Born in the Korean pop music scene, the group has captivated young people of the concurrent generation with their music and the world built upon their own characteristics. Their album was fine and its movement will make various forms of waves on the country’s music scene for few years ahead. We can’t speak of the year 2017 and BTS apart.

Red Velvet and IU, who respectively received Best Pop Song (Red Flavor) and Best Pop Album (Palette) were other K-pop names honored by the awards. Hyukoh was named several times, winning Best Modern Rock Song, Best Modern Rock Album, and Song of the Year.


Below is the full list of the 15th Korean Music Awards winners.

Best Rap/Hip-hop Song
Woo Won-jae – Jetlag (We Are)

Best Rap/Hip-hop Album
Viann X Khundi Panda – Reconstruction

Best Jazz Album
Lee Ji-yeun Contemporary Jazz Ensemble – Feather, Dream Drop

Best Crossover Album
Han Seung Seok & Jung Jaeil – And There, The Sea At Last

Best Jazz/Crossover Performance
Hogyu “Stiger” Hwang Quartet – Straight, No Chaser

Best Modern Rock Song
Hyukoh – TOMBOY

Best Modern Rock Album
Hyukoh – 23

Best Dance/Electronic Song

Best Dance/Electronic Album
Idiotape – Dystopian

Best Metal/Hardcore Album
Abyss – Recrowned

Achievement Award
Lee Jang-hee

Best Folk Song
Kang Tae-gu – bleu

Best Folk Album
Kang Tae-gu – bleu

Best Pop Song
Red Velvet – Red Flavor

Best Pop Album
IU – Palette

Best Rock Song
Se So Neon – The Wave

Best Rock Album
Lowdown 30 – B

Best R&B/Soul Song
Rico – Paradise

Best R&B/Soul Album
Hippy Was Gipsy – Tree

Rookie of the Year
Se So Neon

Musician of the Year

Song of the Year
Hyukoh – TOMBOY

Album of the Year
Kang Tae-gu – bleu


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BTS, IU, and Hyukoh Nominated for Korean Music Awards

BTS, IU, and Hyukoh are to once again compete for Korean Music Awards’ Musician of the Year.

On February 6, committee members had a press conference at Korea Press Center for the 15th Korean Music Awards.

This year, the awards will recognize 3 genres and 24 categories. A total of 73 artists and groups, 63 albums, and 38 songs are nominated. According to the committee, nominees are selected regardless of their awareness.

For Album of the Year, Kang Taegu’s “Bleu,” Black Skirt’s “Team Baby,” Kim Mok-in’s “A Day in the Life of Mr. X,” IU’s “Palette,” and Hyukoh’s “23” are nominated. Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor,” BTS’ “DNA,” IU’s “Night Letter,” Woo Won-jae’s “We Are,” and Hyukoh’s “Tomboy” made it on the Song of the Year nominees list.

Kim Mok-in, BTS, IU, and Hyukoh are competing for the Musician of the Year trophy, while Rad Museum, Light and Noise, Se So Neon, Shin Hae-gyeong, Ye-seo, and Woo Won-jae are nominated for Rookie of the Year.

This year, IU and Hyukoh became the most frequently nominated artists by being listed for Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Musician of the Year, as well as two additional genre categories. BTS was nominated for four awards, namely Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Pop Song, and Best Pop Album.

The 15th Korean Music Awards will be held on February 28 at 7 p.m. KST. The awards will be broadcasted in March.


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Woo Won Jae from “Show Me The Money” Drops “We Are” (feat. Gray and LoCo)

The 6th season of “Show Me The Money” may have just ended, but it also means the beginning for former contestant Woo Won Jae. In collaboration with LoCo and Gray Jae-joong created “We Are”.

The song has tells a story about the passage of time in the same space through Woo’s unique narrative style.

Check out the official audio here!