VIXX Ravi Releases New Mini-Album ‘R.OOK BOOK

VIXX Ravi has released his second mini-album, which comes about two years after his first R.EAL1ZE.

vixx ravi
Image source – Jellyfish Entertainment

On Tuesday at 6 p.m., VIXX Ravi dropped his second mini-album R.OOK BOOK, which is expected to have a rich range of stylistic content if any of its teasers were any indication. This album includes eight brand new songs, all of which Ravi participated in creating. In fact, he hands in all part of his new record including songwriting, composing, producing and even the concept and design.

The concept of the album can be found in its name, which is inspired by the term “lookbook,” a collection of photographs compiled together to usually show off the work of models, photographers, and other fashion-centered careers. In line with that concept, Ravi has put together an album with songs that have different musical colors, concepts, and messages.

Interestingly, unlike some of his past solo work, the title song of the album is “Tuxedo,” a fun and sophisticated song that borrows from funk music to achieve a retro and carefree vibe.




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VIXX’s N Shares Picture of Haircut Ahead of Military Enlistment

In the days leading up to his enlistment, VIXX’s N has gone through a checklist including spending time with group members and cutting his hair.

Image source – Jellyfish Entertainment

On Monday, VIXX’s N will officially enlist into the military where he will go through about five-weeks basic training before getting an assigned position. Ahead of his time in the army, the singer and leader of VIXX has been ticking off a checklist which included spending time with fans and group members and cutting his hair.

On the singer’s official social media accounts, he released several pictures of himself having dinner with the other members of VIXX and his new haircut.

Image source – N’s Twitter account

The dinner and haircut come after fan meetings in both South Korea and Japan last month. On the 16th and 17th, VIXX met with some 6,000 fans in Korea. Then, toward the end of the month, he had a solo fan meeting in Osaka and Tokyo.

Meanwhile, the rest of the members will engage in solo activities until all members are reunited.




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VIXX Hyuk Makes Successful Theater Debut

VIXX member Hyuk made a theater debut, showing his possibility as an actor.

Company DA

Debuted in 2012 as a member of VIXX, Hyuk has been establishing his career both as a singer-songwriter and actor. Lately, the multi-talented K-pop star made a theater debut, showing expanding his fields even further.

The play, titled “The Lost Village,” illustrates the tragic history of Jeju Uprising. In the play, Hyuk plays the character who is a smart and young professor. The character gets involved in the student movement, where he gets a serious physical injury.

On the first day on the stage, Hyuk expressed how he feels about his new challenge through social media. “I’m so thankful of everyone from senior actors who always take care of me to our staffs,” he wrote. “I will do my best on the remaining stages as well.”

Both Hyuk’s fans and the general public are showing great interests in the play. Tickets for the first and second reservations sold out as soon as opening, ranking the highest booking rate on the local ticket booking website.


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10 K-pop Idols Who Excel at Sports

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

VIXX Brings Their Childhood to Life at 5th Annual Fan Meeting

Toys, childhood photos, and creative costumes helped create a world of childish fantasy to life at VIXX fifth annual anniversary fan meeting.

Image source – Jellyfish Entertainment

On Sunday evening Jamsil Indoor Arena was filled with rhythmic sounds, sharp dance moves, strong vocals, thousands of fans, and toys.

Their designs were apart of stage props, backdrops, fan goods, and even found on the five members of VIXX. This was the sight at the group’s fifth annual fan meeting with their official fan club called Starlight that had the theme “V Toy Story” for the night.

In addition to dressing up as characters from the similarly named Pixar animation Toy Story, the group created meaningful memories for themselves and fans alike by releasing previously unpublished songs and photos.

In particular, VIXX drew cheers from the crowd when they opened the show with childhood photos. Building upon their opening the group used various costumes and props to reenact notable periods from their youth which included kindergarten uniforms, hanboks, and sports equipment like basketballs.

Some of the more notable segments from the event included a “To Much Informaiton” quiz show where the members answered fans’ burning questions. Additionally, Hyuk, the youngest member in the group, revealed real-life text messages and footage between the members in a video called “Hyukspatch” delighting the audience.

After bringing the energy of the fanmeet up, the members retook the stage in black suits, dispelling the earlier cute theme. In its place, the group replaces it with a darker and more mature aesthetic by performing songs like “Voodoo Doll,” “Light Up the Darkness,” “Trigger,” “Beautiful Killer,” “My Valentine,” and more.

In this run of songs, VIXX surprised fans by singing their unreleased song “Walking” (working titile) for the first time. Written and composed by members N and Ravi, it is a song they describe as coming from the heart and a way to “really thank fans” for their support. “Walking” will be released to the general public on February 1 at 6 p.m.




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VIXX Ravi’s Ending On MBC’s ‘Real Man 300’

VIXX’s Ravi has been impressing fans with his endurance and tenacity in MBC’s reality show Real Man 300.


Who’s been keeping up with the new format of MBC’s Real Man series Real Man 300? Kpop idol group VIXX’s Ravi has been gaining viewers’ admiration in the past episode that aired on Friday, January 18 for his incredible results in the army competition for elite soldiers. In the competition of selecting only 206 army soldiers out of 500,000, VIXX’s Rafi made it to the final rounds but was unfortunately unable to pass the last round.

VIXX’s Ravi successfully completed the arduous tests like marching 10 km (~6.2 miles) while lugging 20 kgs (~45 lbs) within the time limit of 1 hour and 30 minutes. Ravi was amazing to complete this difficult feat in 1 hour and 12 minutes in addition to other tests like shooting, sit ups, push ups, running etc.

While it is regrettable that Ravi wasn’t able to pass the final round, Ravi’s actions in the show has gathered much love for his determination, tenacity, endurance, wittiness, huge appetite and his heartfelt support for fellow competitors. His goal of completing the competition rather than competing with others attracted lots of support from viewers alike.

Amidst the sadness of no longer seeing VIXX’s Ravi on the show, VIXX will be having a fan meeting in Seoul on Janaury 27.



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[M/V] VERIVERY Debute With Bright and Cheerful ‘Ring Ring Ring’

VIXX’s junior boy group VERIVERY have made their 2019 debut.

According to Jellyfish Entertainment, VERIVERY is a creative idol group who produce, choreograph and create their own video content. In particular, all the members participated in composing, writing, and design for their album VERI-US. Moreover, they also planned, filmed, and edited the music video for “Ring Ring Ring.”

As such, they are a “new type” of “evolved idols” who are directly in their production and means of communication.

Indeed, being a group that works on all processes of their products can be traced back to their name. Continuing its tradition of pulling for Latin to bring meaning to their group’s names, Veri is Latin meaning “honest” and “truth.” On the other hand, very is an adverb meaning “intensely,” “greatly,” or “exceedingly.”

KBS Song Festival Announces Final Lineup with 29 Teams

KBS announced the 29 participating groups and singers for its yearend song festival.

On December 20, KBS announced the third and final lineup for 2018 KBS Song Festival, which will be held on December 28 at 8:30 PM.

The newly announced teams are Celeb Five and Kim Yeon-ja, who have established their own genres in K-pop with unique music and performances. With their participation, a total of 29 teams are performing for the upcoming song festival.

Take a look at the list below for the artists to make appearances in 2018 KBS Song Festival:

Boy Groups – BTS, EXO, Wanna One, Seventeen, BTOB, Norazo, VIXX, NU’EST W, GOT7, Monsta X, and NCT 127
Girl Groups – TWICE, Red Velvet, GFriend, A-Pink, Oh My Girl, (G)I-dle, AOA, Lovelyz, Momoland, WJSN, and Celeb Five
Solo Artists – Hwang Chi-yeol, Sunmi, Chungha, Yong Jun-hyung, 10CM, Roy Kim, and Kim Yeon-ja


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VIXX Announces a New Year’s ‘Starlight’ Fan Meeting for January

Boy group VIXX is gearing up to hold a fan meeting to start the new year. Although it has not been mentioned yet, it might be one of the group’s last events with all members.

VIXX is going to hold its fifth “Starlight” (the name it gave its fans) fan meeting at Jamsil Indoor Stadium on January 27. Starting in 2015, the group has held this fanmeet for fans on an annual basis. In particular, the members usually have various events to interact with fans and special performances that make it memorable.

Additionally, this fan meeting will be held about a year and three months after the group’s last event “VIXX’s Starlight Night Live, VLN” in October 2017. Since then, the group has had one comeback, solo music releases, and involvement in various other entertainment activities.

While expectations are high, there might also be a certain sense of nervousness. Two of VIXX’s members, N and Leo, are both 28 and are at the age limit to enter the military. As such, this event may be the last one they have as a full group.

Meanwhile, tickets go on sale on December 18 at 8 p.m. KST.



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Jellyfish Entertainment’s New Boy Group VERIVERY Announces Official Debut

Jellyfish Entertainment’s new boy group VERIVERY is ready to dominate the music market and year 2019 with their grand debut!

On December 6, Jellyfish Entertainment officially confirmed the debut of a new boy group VERIVERY. According to the company, VERIVERY is a 7-member boy group, who is ready to follow the footsteps of their successful seniors, such as VIXX and Gugudan.

Image Source – Jellyfish Entertainment

The name VERIVERY is a combination of a Latin word “Veri,” which means the truth, and the English word “Very,” to suggest that this group is the real deal. From producing to performance and visual, the members hope to showcase their unlimited talent and potential to lead the next generation of K-Pop and idols.

Jellyfish first introduced the members to the public in September. Ever since then, the members starred in their own reality show ahead of their debut, giving their prospective fans to go through their debut process together.

Furthermore, they have also been actively communicating with their fans via social network platforms, hoping to create a rapport that will help them to grow more as the next top idols. At last, they also released an OST to their reality show “Super Special,” allowing a sneak peek at their charms and skills.

Meanwhile, VERIVERY is aiming for a debut sometime in January, 2019.

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