[Opinion] The Satisfying and Disquieting Use of Loveline Entertainment

A couple of weeks ago SBS’ long-running entertainment variety show “Running Man” officially introduced a new loveline — an on-screen romance — between two members. While entertaining, it is also disquieting to see people forced into a romantic construct that is not of their making.

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Lovelines, the real or faux on-screen romances on Korean entertainment programs, are exploited by both cast members and producers to jump-start interest, provide fan service, and to open a slew of possible entertaining moments notable enough to wind up in the news and trend on search engines.

This kind of entertainment goldmine is especially viable if the participants are attractive and eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. One network, in particular, has become proficient in honing in on popular would-be couples and banking in on the fan-led fantasies.

SBS is behind the massively popular “Monday Couple” of rapper Gary and actress Song Ji-hyo born during the first years of “Running Man” and later capitalized on the viable connection between Kim Jong-kook and singer Hong Jin-young on “My Little Old Boy.”

Just a few weeks ago, the network officiated the loveline between permanent cast members Song Ji-hyo and Kim Jong-kook (the same one on “My Little Old Boy”). In doing so the networks answered the prayers of a dedicated subgroup of the show’s fans who refer to the couple as “Spartace,” a combination of their “Running Man” nicknames “Sparta” and “Ace.”

Admittedly, the episode first episode where the cast, guests, and staff seemed conspired to play up every one of their interactions was very entertaining. More than the embarrassing reactions of the Song and Kim was the ingenuity of the cast in finding ways to tease the two — including an impromptu rendition of Kim’s song “One Man.”

The most recent episode of “Running Man,” the cast was divided into two groups where they had to find and eat a cheaper dish of food than the opposing team. While simple in concept, the dynamics of each team was unique enough that laughs came easily, especially from the team that had the show’s new loveline couple in a group with Haha and Yang Se-chan.

In fact, the episode was so entertaining I decided to watch it again. During the second watch through, the interactions and reactions of the members took on a new somewhat disquieting light.

As the cast members (especially Haha and Yang who deserve an award for their work) and crew continued to bank in on the loveline between Kim and Song, it became clear that while the two took the teasing in good humor that it also made them uncomfortable.


With Kim and Song having been colleagues and friends for close to a decade, the loveline appears to have created a shift on the show that the two may not have been fully prepared for. This is unlike the loveline between Kim Jong-kook and Hong Jin-young on “My Little Old Boy” and occasionally on “Running Man” where the two are placed in clearly constructed situations and understanding their relationship dynamics when on set.

Whether they do have any romantic feelings for each other or are just friends, is it okay to profit from their discomfort that may have repercussions even when the cameras are off?

This issue is connected to the broader topic of fan-service. In fictional works, it is when non-plot affecting elements are added to please the audience. In K-pop, it is when celebrities engage in behavior that is not normal for them for their fans. This can include but is not limited to such acts of physical intimacy like holding hands, hugging, and cheek kissing.

While fans of shows and groups may enjoy and even find these kinds of interactions and lovelines exciting and satisfying, it can also lead to unforeseen consequences — especially if those involved don’t enjoy it themselves.




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‘2 Days & 1 Night’ Gets the Viewers’ Choice Award at the KBS Entertainment Awards

With consistently high viewer rates, fans have chosen which program they like best at the KBS Entertainment Awards.

Image source – OSEN News

At the 2018 KBS Entertainment Awards held on Saturday, variety show “2 Days & 1 Night” took home the Viewers’ Choice Award. The producer of the program said that they’ve come to the award show to thank fans of the show and said he is “glad there are viewers every time I check [the show’s] ratings.”

Continuing, the cast and staff expressed their gratitude and promised to keep working hard to make a show worth watching.



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Jeon So-Min Reveals She Wants to Get Married on ‘Running Man’

Actress Jeon So-min expressed his feelings about marriage.

Image source – SBS

On the Sunday episode of SBS “Running Man,” the casts continues on the second half of their year-end mission race. In the recording, actress Jeon So-min, partnered with Ji Suk-jin and Yoo Jae-suk, caught sight of newlyweds celebrating their wedding ceremony.

Seeing the event, Jeon looked on happily and suddenly exclaimed that she wants to get married, too. For Ji and Yoo, Jeon’s comment caught them off guard leaving them exasperated and a bit embarrassed.

Talking about her desire to get married, the actress blamed the variety show for her unlucky romantic life. According to Jeon, she used all her luck on “Running Man” and had little left for herself, lamenting that she doesn’t think she’ll get married.



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JTBC’s New Show ‘Kids These Days’ Explores the Trends of Generation Z

“Kids These Days,” JTBC’s new variety show pairs MC Yoo Jae-suk, former soccer player Ahn Jung-hwan, comedian Kim Shin-young with Red Velvet Seulgi, model Han Hyun-min, and rapper Kim Ha-on to explore the Generation Z trends.

Generation Z
Image source – JTBC

JTBC “Kids These Day” features stories, questions, and answers from the show’s all-star cast to explore and bridge the difference between Generation Z and older generations. At the roundtable of discussion and discovery is Yoo Jae-suk, Ahn Jung-hwan, Kim Shin-young, Red Velvet Seulgi, model Han Hyun-min, and rapper Kim Ha-on.

Together, the cast looks at the daily lives of children nowadays, focusing on differences like the use of digital devices like smartphones and the growing preference for video calls rather than text messages. Additionally, they mull over influential trends, viral videos, dances, clothing, and more.

Image source – JTBC

With all the different members with their backgrounds and ages, makes their interactions fresh, entertaining, and funny.



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Yoo Yeon-Seok and Son Ho-Jun to Host Upcoming tvN Variety Show

tvN has announced a new variety show featuring two best friends in action, Yoo Yeon-Seok and Son Ho-Jun!

On November 29, tvN announced the launch of upcoming variety show, “Coffee Friends.” The program features actors Yoo Yeon-Seok and Son Ho-Jun as its main MC’s, and aims to premiere sometime in January, 2019.

In the variety show, the two actors will run a coffee show located in a tangerine farm on Jeju Island. During the show, Son and Yoo will serve their guests cups of coffee and donate the profit they had generated from their business to a charitable cause.

The show was inspired by their “Coffee Friends” project, which started in March. By driving the truck and giving out coffee they had made themselves in exchange for donations, they had hoped to show the public how easy it is to start donating for those in need.

Furthermore, the show gained even further attention for being yet another project by producer Na Young-Seok. The producer had previously worked with the actors through popular shows, such as “Youth Over Flowers” and “Three Meals a Day.”

Moreover, producer Park Hee-Yeon, known for producing “Teacher Baek” and “Street Food Fighter,” has also confirmed to co-produce the show with PD Na and further increased the anticipation of the public.

In addition, just as Yoo Yeon-Seok and Son Ho-Jun had invited many celebrity friends to help run their coffee truck with “Coffee Friends” project, they also plan to invite guests to work on their show as part-time employees.

For the first episode, they will invite actors Choi Ji-Woo and Yang Se-Jong. Choi Ji-Woo, who established a friendship with Son Ho-Jun in “Three Meals a Day” so easily agreed to make her long-awaited appearance in a variety show for a good cause. On the other hand, Yang Se-Jong will be making his first appearance in a variety show since debut with the invitation from Yoo Yeon-Seok.

PD Park Hee-Yeon commented, “I could relate to the purpose of “Coffee Friends” project, which inspired me to come up with this show. We plan to provide with laughters and heartfelt sentiment with various situations that could arise while running a coffee shop. Please look forward to our show. Thank you.”

Yoo Yeon-Seok and Son Ho-Jun’s “Coffee Friends” will premiere sometime in January, 2019.

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Model Moon Gabi to Introduce Her Parents in KBS Variety Show

Model Moon Gabi is ready to introduce her parents to the world!

On November 30, it was reported that model Moon Gabi has confirmed appear in KBS’ variety show “Red Cheek You” (literal translation). The program invites in the parents of the celebrities to observe the daily lives of their celebrity children.

Image Source – KBS

The program has already gathered a very positive response from the public. Many said the program is, for once, shining the light on the effort of the parents that went behind the success of their celebrity children, without which the celebrities would not be where they are right now.

However, the program got even more attention for revealing that model Moon Gabi has confirmed to appear in the program. Until now, the model had remained silent regarding her personal life, especially that involving her parents.

Previously, the model had repeatedly become the talk of the town for having a “different” appearance than the majority of Koreans. However, she hopes to rule out all rumors by introducing her parents, who look almost exactly alike the model.

Meanwhile, the upcoming episode of KBS’ “Red Cheek You” with Moon Gabi will air on December 4 at 11 PM, KST.

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JTBC Announces New Show “Stage K” that Invites K-Pop Cover Dance Global Stars

JTBC’s upcoming show “Stage K” invites everyone who can dance to K-Pop!

JTBC has just announced their upcoming variety show, “Stage K,” a program that gives an opportunity to global K-Pop cover dancers to meet with the actual K-Pop idols.

Image Source – JTBC

Starting on November 23, the program has been calling out for fans all around the world to participate in the K-Pop cover challenge. Each contestant will first participate in the local preliminary rounds, and those who pass the first rounds will advance to the main stage in Seoul, South Korea.

Finally, the winner will gain the opportunity to not only meet with their K-Pop stars, but also collaborate on a stage together.

The production team of “Stage K” said, “the dream stage for global K-Pop cover stars will happen. We ask for a lot of participation from many global K-Pop fans, as we plan to overcome the cultural and language barriers to make their dreams come true.”

The only eligibility that a contestant has to meet is that he or she is a foreigner. You may register for the contestant here.

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Lee Seung-Gi to Replace Lee Kwang-Soo in Next Season of Netflix “Busted!”

Lee Seung-Gi has confirmed to join the second season of Netflix original variety show, “Busted!”

On November 8, Netflix event “See What’s Next Asia” took place at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. During the event, producer Jang Hyuk-Jae of the Netflix original variety show “Busted!” announced the addition of Lee Seung-Gi as the program’s new member.

Image Source – OSEN

According to the source, Lee Seung-Gi will replace the original member Lee Kwang-Soo in the second season of the program. Jang further explained, “Lee Seung-Gi joined us without any information. He knew that he was the new member of the program, but nothing else about the program was given to him.”

He continued, “while he seemed very smart and looked like he was starting to figure things out at first, he was still very lost. We are confident that we have resulted in some funny scenes with him.”

Regarding the news, actress Park Min-Young also shared a brief comment. The actress said, “even I didn’t know Lee was joining us. When Lee Kwang-Soo announced his sudden departure, I assumed someone new would be joining us. I kept on making my guesses, but I eventually gave up. Finally, Lee Seung-Gi joined us in filming. I’ve only worked with him for one episode, but I feel like we share many things in common.”

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Red Velvet Seulgi Joins Yoo Jae-Suk in New JTBC Variety Show

Red Velvet’s Seulgi joins a new JTBC variety show as one of “Kids These Days”

On October 26, JTBC released a video featuring Red Velvet’s Seulgi for the upcoming variety show “Kids These Days” (literal translation). Thus, the idol member confirms to join the program with Yoo Jae-Suk as the main host, hoping to help adults and kids better understand one another.

In the program, Seulgi plans to drop everything that she is about Red Velvet and return to an ordinary girl in her 20’s. The singer says behind the fancy life of being an idol group, she is just a kid like everyone else.

Image Source – JTBC

Meanwhile, JTBC’s upcoming variety show “Kids These Days” will feature two groups of adults and kids as they try to communicate by spending some quality time together.

The program will prepare some online contents that “kids these days” made and show them to the adults. The adults, who may not be very familiar with how things work on the internet, will observe the contents, meet the creators, and ask questions to understand the intention of the contents.

So far, Red Velvet’s Seulgi and biracial model Han Hyun-Min confirmed to appear on the “kids” group. Moreover, Ahn Jung-Hwan have confirmed to appear as one of the adults, wanting to better understand the kids.


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New SBS Thriller Variety Show Featuring Yoo Jae-Suk and Others Confirm Air Date

New SBS thriller variety show featuring Yoo Jae-Suk as the main host has confirmed its premiere date!

On October 23, SBS announced the premier of a new variety show, “Beautiful Autumn Village, Mitchuri” (literal translation). It is a thriller variety show that features Yoo Jae-Suk as the main host.

Alongside Yoo Jae-Suk, the program also features various celebrities from all field of entertainment. The list includes BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Im Soo-Hyang, Son Dam-Bi, Kang Ki-Young, Song Kang, Kim Sang-Ho, Yang Se-Hyung, and lastly, Jang Do-Yeon.

Image Source – SBS

These 9 celebrities are left alone at a mysterious town called Mitchuri, encountering a series of unexpected events for 24 hours. According to reports, the first filming of the program was just shocking. The guests arrived at the set expecting the shoot to be laid-back, where they can relax outside the city noise. However, they encountered a twist from the beginning that Mitchuri is not a “beautiful autumn village,” but a “mysterious village.”

The question remains – will the guests be able to solve the mystery of Mitchuri, using their intuition and creativity? The program airs its first episode on November 9 at 11PM, KST.

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