MONSTA X to Release an English Version of ‘Play it Cool’ With Steve Aoki

Social media posts by DJ Steve Aoki and MONSTA X confirm that the group’s song “Play It Cool” will have an English version.

Steve Aoki (left) and Monsta X – Starship Entertainment

Earlier this week, DJ and producer Steve Aoki posted a message on social media where he announced that the English version of MONSTA X’s song “Play It Cool” is scheduled to be released this Friday. Following his announcement, MONSTA X’s retweeted his message on its official account confirming the news.

The song is from the group’s full-length album TAKE.2 WE ARE HERE, which came out last month. The group collaborated with Aoki to create title song “Alligator,” and the two parties have decided to link up again for the English version of “Play It Cool.”

Fans of the group praised the song for its clean and refined vibe. In particular, rapper Joohoney participated as a vocalist for the first time. Moreover, with member I.M. helping to craft the rap parts of the song, he was able to achieve a different sound that deviated from the powerful and intense music that the group is known for.

Meanwhile, “Play It Cool” will come out on Friday in the United States, and Saturday in Korea. It will be available on music sites worldwide.




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Holland Announces the Release of a New Mini-Album Nar-C

Holland, South Korea’s first openly gay K-pop singer, is planning a comeback slated for the end of March.

On Tuesday, singer Holland announced that he would be returning later this month with a new mini-album titled Nar-C on social media. According to the post, he will release his new record on March 31 at 6 p.m. KST.

According to other posts, the singer had made of social media the album will have two songs, including the title track “Nar-C” which will likely be about love. In subsequent teasers, Holland has included a single sentence that points to the theme of the song and album. On Wednesday he wrote “there was a boy who fell in love,” and on Thursday “The two boys have been dating for two years.”

Fans have expressed support and excitement for the first release from the singer since his last song “I’m Not Afraid” in July of last year. Since debuting with the breakthrough “Neverland” at the beginning of 2018, Holland had been praised for pushing the social boundaries of K-pop and for being one of the only LGBTQ figures in the spotlight.

In only a year, he was voted as the most important youth culture influencer in Dazed Magazine‘s “Dazed 100” and accumulated over 300,000 followers on Twitter alone.



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[OPINION] History of Kpop Boy Groups From 1990s

Kpop has come a long way over the years to become globally recognized in 2019. Looking back from the first generation of idols from the 1990s to now, Kpop idols have always had the burden of being adventurous and trend-setting icons.

With the current trend of older Kpop idol groups making a comeback to the Kpop scene, a lot has changed over the decades. In the 1990s when the first Kpop idol groups started emerging like H.O.T, Sechs Kies, Shinhwa and G.O.D, these idol groups experienced much criticism and love for their music while trying to solidify the upcoming genre, Kpop.

Taking a trip down memory lane towards one’s youth or childhood, there are some groups that can NOT be forgotten! The first generation of idol boy groups who not only created what is today’s Kpop fandom culture but also the foundation for the Hallyu wave! While there are many idols that deserve to be considered legends for each decade (1990s, 2000s, 2010s), these specific groups mentioned in this article were selected based on hours of research, personal memory, today’s popularity/activities and such! As a result, many may not agree with the listing or feel some idol groups should have been mentioned. Please note this is solely the opinion of the writer who may be biased with childhood memories of watching these groups in variety shows like SBS’s X-Men (2003-2007), SBS’s Love Letter (2004-2006) etc!

First generation of Kpop boy groups (1990s)

H.O.T (1996-2001, 2018-present)


Finding anyone who doesn’t know H.O.T would be rare in the Kpop scene. H.O.T is considered the first ever Kpop idol group that was formed by SM Entertainment. Even TVN’s hit drama series ‘Reply 1997’ (2012) has many references to H.O.T where the female lead is a die-hard fan of H.O.T’s Tony.

To signify how much importance H.O.T has in Korean culture, H.O.T had their reunion in 2018 through the famous variety show, MBC’s ‘Infinity Challenge’ (2005-2018).

After H.O.T made their comeback in 17 years on ‘Infinity Challenge’, H.O.T went on to hold their comeback concert in Seoul where fans and idols took a trip back to their youth in the 90s.

Secks Kies (1997-2000, 2016-present)


The second idol group in Kpop history, aka H.O.T’s rival, played an important role for shaping Kpop fandom. The power of Kpop fans gave rise to allowing artists to venture into other fields within the entertainment industry. Secks Kies was the first idol group to film their own movie, perform in a musical and perform at the Blue House for the president serving during that time.

Clip of H.O.T vs. Sech Kies fan war from Reply 1997 Kdrama

Secks Kiss also made their comeback in 2016 as guests on MBC’s ‘Infinity Challenge’ through a guerrilla concert. It was reported news of Secks Kies’s reunion was shared only 5 hours before the concert, which still managed to gather 6000 fans.

To really get an idea for what it was like in the 1990s during the reign of H.O.T and Sechs Kies, I HIGHLY recommend watching TVN’s Reply 1997. It is pretty accurate in depicting how severe or passionate Kpop fandom culture already was back then. Not to mention, this drama in addition to the rest of the Reply series (1997, 1994, 1988) are really great dramas to watch whether to understand Korean culture or to reminisce about your past.

Shinhwa (1998-present)

The role model of many idols, the longest active boy group in Kpop history, Shinhwa is the idol group who showed versatility to be possible for Kpop idols. It is common for idol groups to keep to their “color” or “style” but Shinhwa has proven the key to longevity to be due to the constant rebranding and continuous creativity among other things. Shinhwa formed their own company Shinhwa Company with Minwoo and Eric as co-CEOs managing their activities as a group confirming the brotherhood among the members.

Shinhwa members are well known for their talents in various areas in the entertainment industry. Not only are they immensely popular for their appearances on variety shows, each member has successfully proven their talents in various areas like dramas, movies, musicals, producing and much more!

Shinhwa is extremely talented and everyone has such a great relationship, it is no wonder the group has made history by being the longest active Kpop idol group! They spend infinite amounts of time and effort for fans, one of the most noteworthy would be that they have a concert every year. In 2019, it will be their 21st anniversary since debut.

G.O.D (1999-present)


JYP’s first idol group G.O.D has never disbanded, however they were previously on an extended hiatus as each member pursed their solo careers. G.O.D is known for their iconic songs that really reflected Korean culture in the early 2000s amassing fans from various age groups. Labeled as the “nation’s idols” that used lyrics described as  “storytelling,” many of their songs are still remembered as iconic Korean songs.

G.O.D is considered to be part of the legendary first generation Kpop idol groups among H.O.T, Seck’s Kiss and Shinhwa.

G.O.D’s songs are one of the best songs to sing in karaoke regardless of how old the songs are. The songs are still relatable and relevant amidst the 4th industrial revolution, simply “classic songs.”

Kpop Boy Groups of the 2000s

Super Junior (2005-present)

The iconic Kpop idol group that broke the stereotype by consisting of many members even 13 at one point. Super Junior can be considered to be one of the earliest hallyu idols that paved the path for Kpop to become globally recognized. Not only are they a household name today in 2019 but their everlasting popularity in Korea and abroad is something many idols aim for.

Super Junior can be considered one of the examples of successful subgroups that has proven to create more opportunities for the idols to showcase their talents outside of their group activities. After dominating Asia, Super Junior has proven their reigning power as iconic Kpop idols by their amazing success in Latin America even releasing songs in English, Korean and Spanish!

Super Junior was one of the first idol groups with so many members creating the opportunity to market to so many different preferences. Each member had their own unique remarkable characteristics that would appeal to nearly anyone. Frankly, it was a genius move by SM and now we have idol groups that follow this strategy! (Thank you SM!)

Big Bang (2006-present)

YG’s first idol group aka “Kings of Kpop” and the MVPs for setting the Hallyu wave ablaze internationally, especially outside of Asia, Big Bang is the group who continuously redefined what ‘KPOP’ is by experimenting out of the norm while expressing their individuality.

Big Bang is renowned for writing their own songs which plays a significant role for their success.

Not only is the group incredible for having so many No.1 songs but also their success promoting as subunits and soloists unbelievable that has become something to strive for the following generation of idols. Is there anyone who doesn’t know Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips or GD’s Coup d’etat?

Just thinking of Big Bang, the concept of swag, hip, fast beats, clubs and parties come to mind. While is it sad to see that most of the members are still serving mandatory military service, it won’t be long before they will be back!

SHINee (2008-present)

The boy band of SM aka the “Princes of Kpop” who set the standard for live performances with complex dance moves, Shinee contrasts crucially with other groups of the 2000s. Not only is this group experimental with their music exploring various genres, they are also considered the “aesthetic,” “artistic,” “beautiful” group through their choreography, concepts and wardrobes.

With the sad passing of member Jonghyun (RIP) in 2017, Shinee will never be the same. However, Shinee’s songs as a quintet, Jonghyun’s legacy remains as numerous fans continue to love and cheer for Shinee.

Shinee will forever be that scarred part of my Kpop love. They have had to regroup after the unfortunate experience of losing a member, however I fervently hope that they will be able to recover not only for themselves and fans but also for the legacy of JH to not be forgotten in the future.

Kpop Boy Groups of Today (2010s)

With less than 10 months before the end of the current decade, there are so many boy groups who debuted and deserve to be listed as THE boy group of 2010s. While many would want to nominate for their favorite group, I would say based on the past 110 months (2010-2019.2), EXO and BTS are the ones who will be considered the “legends” of 2010s in Kpop history years from now.

EXO (2012-present)

BTS (2013-present)

Is there anyone in the Kpop scene who doesn’t know EXO and BTS? EXO is the 3rd generation of SM’s beloved idol boy group taking on the baton from their seniors H.O.T, Shinhwa, Super Junior and Shinee. BTS is without a doubt the “titans of Kpop” if my 90 year old grandmother knows who they are because of the Korean news. So many records were broken and so much history was made by these two idol groups during this decade, I personally would like to bet some dough on whether BTS or EXO will show up in the history or business books in the near future. Having heard that UC Berkley is offering a DeCal class on BTS from a friend attending UCB, my odds of winning are very high. 

Looking back on Kpop idols from the 1990s, Kpop itself is still pretty young with so much potential for growth. As a passionate Kpop fan who grew up with the first generation of Kpop idols on my TV screen in the 1990s and 2000s, I genuinely hope that there will be a day when Kpop music can be heard on the radio (outside of Korean radio stations) abroad.


Disclaimer: The opinions or views contained in this article may not represent the opinions or views of Kpoplove, The Korea Daily, its employees, agents or affiliates.

BTS Becomes This Year’s Most Tweeted Account

BTS proves their never-ending world-wide fame and popularity by becoming the most tweeted account of the year!

According to the end-of-year data gathered and announced by Twitter on December 5, the twitter account for BTS (@BTS_twt) was selected as the most tweeted account of the year across the globe.

Image Source – Big Hit Entertainment

Furthermore, the group was the celebrity/musician most tweeted about in 2018, beating Kanye West and Drake for first place.

Moreover, the video of J-Hope participating in the #InMyFeelingsChallenge received over 1,680,000 “Liked Tweets” and placing No. 1 on the Most Liked Tweet of the year category, as well. This particular tweet also received the Golden Tweet of the Asia Pacific Region.

Meanwhile, BTS is preparing to open up their “Love Yourself” Asia Tour. The first concert will take place on December 8 at the Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium in Taiwan.

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Korean-American Journalist Sarah Jeong in Hot Water for Problematic Tweets

Korean-American journalist Sarah Jeong, The Verge tech writer and soon The New York Times, was scorned and supported for a series of problematic tweets.

Sarah Jeong – Twitter

From 2013 to 2015, journalist Sarah Jeong wrote what appears to be purposefully malicious tweets targeting white people. All of these tweets came back to haunt the writer after The New York Times (The Times) announced that Jeong would be the newest addition to their Editorial Board, a move that many saw as a shrewd move and a statement regarding their push into technology.

As a senior writer for The Verge, Jeong has writing numerous articles on technology with a style that robust and tactile. Additionally, as a graduate of UC Berkeley and Harvard Law School, Jeong has also written pieces for numerous publications including The Washington Post, Forbes, The Guardian, WIRED Magazine and The Atlantic.

Unfortunately, Jeong’s writing skills and sound resume presented little protection when a Twitter account by the name of Human Garbage published a collection of the journalist’s old tweets. Many found them to be harsh and the bigoted language shocking.

Although presented without context, phrases such as “it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men,” and “Dumbass f******* white people” were enough to enrage people, leading some to start a pseudo-campaign against Jeong and calling for The Times to fire her on social media.

In the midst of the furor, both Jeong and The Times published statements regarding the inflammatory tweets. Jeong explained in a simple message that her posts were attempts at flipping the script on the rhetoric used by online trolls and harassers, something that Jeong says she regularly experiences first hand. Further, she also explains that her tweets were “intended as satire” but now regrets that she “mimicked the language of [her] harassers.”

Likewise, The Times’ statement echoed Jeong’s claims of online harassment and that “she regrets it, and The Times does not condone it,” presenting a slightly harder edge. Nevertheless, the new outlet stuck by their decision to hire Jeong because of her “exceptional work” and that they are “confident she will be an important voice for the editorial board moving forward.”

However, the response from both parties has done little to quell waves of resentment, support, and multiple articles that different outlets have published in the days since including a statement from The Verge‘s editorial board.

The continues social media and general media buzz surrounding this incident is part of the ongoing debate and concern about fake news, bias, and truthful reporting.


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Park Bom Hints at Possible Comeback Through Twitter Post

Former 2NE1 member Park Bom revealed that she might have a comeback soon through her recent Twitter post!

In the picture Park Bom posted, she is holding a bouquet of flowers and winking at the camera. Along with the picture, she says “I want to sing,” and thus hinting at her possible comeback.

After 2NE1 officially disbanded last November, Park Bom stayed out of entertainment industry. While other members continued to promote themselves solo, she only stayed on social media and often communicated with her fans about her daily life.

However, in the recent post, Park Bom hinted at the possibility of her comeback. She said, “hello, everyone! I want to sing. I promise to present to you some great music.” She continued, “I’m now getting ready and I know you guys waited for too long.”

She also included a few sentences in English, as well as hashtags in Chinese and Japanese. She concluded, “I miss you guys so much, all around the world. You guys better ‘get ready’ as well. I promise t make you happy!”

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DAY6 Jae’s Tweet Leads to Response From Subway, Stouffers, and Lots of Food Porn

When DAY6 member Jae posted a simple and innocent tweet, who would have thought it would lead a response from two huge food conglomerates and copious amounts of food porn?

On June 8, band member Jae from DAY6 posted a simple comment that leads to exciting interactions. “I’m hungry but I can’t decide what to eat,” he said in a post.

Fans quickly responded to his comments with pictures and gif of delicious food including pizza, steak, buttery lobster, pancakes, and more.

Can you hear the sizzle?

Along the way, the singer questions why he was being bombarded with so many images of food — especially given his empty stomach.

However, besides a significant amount of food porn that left everyone on the thread a bit hungry, the conversation was, for the most part, contained and regular. That is until Subway responded to a comment on the thread.

Then Stouffers joined the party.

Jae responds with a hint of desperation.

Finally, more than ten hours after he first posted the question, the singer gave into the temptation and went to eat a meal.

Make sure to follow the DAY6 member, who is on our list of K-pop stars to follow on Twitter, for more hilarious content.



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2PM Ok Taecyeon and BIGBANG Taeyang Update Fans on Social Media

Both artists took a moment to greet their fans on social media while serving in the military.

Image source – JYP Entertainment, Instagram

On June 2, 2PM member Ok Taecyeon posted a message on Twitter talking about his time in the army. “Wow, (I’ve) already finished 9 months; I’m going to complete the 10th month well,” he wrote.

Moreover, funnily enough, it seems there are some people who are unaware that the singer joined the army. He joked that he sees comments asking “when did Ok Taecyeon go to the army?” and “another vacation?” and more, but laughed them off and ended with a cheer.

In addition to his message posted on the 2nd, on June 5 the singer went live on Twitter while on vacation from his military duties.

Likewise, BIGBANG member Taeyang posted his first Instagram post since March 11 a day before he was to enlist. In the new post, the singer posted a childhood picture of himself with the caption “Hi.”

Taeyang entered the military on March 12, the same day that BIGBANG released their hit song “Flower Road,” which was a present for fans. He was the third member of the group to enlist after T.O.P and G-Dragon. Currently, he is on active duty.

Meanwhile, entered the army on September 4 last year, and was the first in his group to do so. Further, after completing basic training, he was assigned to a teaching assistant position after earning excellent reviews from his superiors.



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BTS Thanks South Korean President Moon Jae-In For His Congratulations

Boy group BTS responded to South Korean President Moon Jae-In’s tweet, congratulating the group for their latest achievement!

On the morning of May 28, Billboard announced that BTS topped Billboard 200 chart with their latest album. Soon afterwards, President Moon took a moment to share his excitement about BTS’ accomplishment. In addition to the original letter written in Korean, he also shared a letter in English for the global fans of BTS.

Image Source – Twitter

To thank their president for sharing his excitement, BTS replied to the congratulatory post.

The response is as followed:

“We can finally believe it now that we see it with our own eyes. President Moon Jae-In! We thank you for congratulating on our achievement. However, we are mostly thankful for your endless support and attention. We will work even harder to become the group that can give more to the public with our music. We sincerely thank you!”

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VIXX Ravi Leaves Fans in Tears After a Series of Social Media Posts

In honor of VIXX 6th anniversary on May 24, Ravi took to Twitter with a series of touching and sincere messages that left fans emotional and thankful.

Shortly after midnight on VIXX member, Ravi wrote ten messages on Twitter. In the posts, the rapper reflected on the boy group, fans, and the six years that they have been together. The post was initially made on VIXX’s official fancafe, but Ravi decided to translate and release it on social media.

Understandably, given that these messages were written directly to fans, many of the recipients grew emotional. Many thanked the rapper for posting in English so that international fans would feel included, while others expressed their love and devotion to the group. Further, some grew very emotional.

Meanwhile, VIXX will be holding a two-day anniversary concert this weekend at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium called “VIXX LIVE LOST FANTASIA.” There, the group is expected to perform some of their hit songs like “Scentist,” “Shangri-La,” and “Chained Up.” Additionally, they have reportedly prepared other special segments that are sure to delight fans.


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