Beauty Secret To A V Line Is … A Lifting Mask

Actress Kim Min’s secret to her youthful looks may be credited to a specific beauty item!


Actress Kim Min (45) has been attracting lots of attention for her youthful looks. The veteran actress recently posted a selfie while using a lifting mask on March 6th. Kim Min captioned the post with “Lifting jawline mask!” (face with tears of joy) #fightinggravity #itpulls. This post has many speculating the lifting mask may be the beauty secret!

Lifting masks have been widely popular in Korea as many shared their successful experience of getting a slimmer jaw line. In Korea, the current trend of beauty is having a sharp V line. As a result, Korean cosmetic companies have made “slimming masks” widely available to obtain that sharp jawline without undergoing plastic surgery.

Actress Kim Min is most remembered for her roles in Accidental Spy (2001), Go (2001) and Love Story in Harvard (2004). Kim has recently been garnering much attention after her appearance on TV Chosun’s Taste of Wife. Her portrayal of daily life in LA has been well received.


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Who Is Yang Mi-Ra, the Newly Joined Member of “Wife’s Taste?”

TV Chosun

The latest episode of TV Chosun’s reality show “Wife’s Taste” featured a new couple, whose faces could be rather unfamiliar to some people. “Wife’s Taste,” which juxtaposes married couples’ daily lives through dishes they cook for each other, followed the newly wedded couple to their friend-like relationship.

Yang Mi-ra and her husband Jung Shin-wook tied the knots in October last year, after dating for over four years. Although most of the millennials wouldn’t know who Yang Mi-ra is, everyone knew her name in the late 90s and the early 2000s.

Instagram @yangmeera

Debuted in 1997 as the winner of a model contest, Yang Mi-ra had her prime year in 1999, when she was featured in the TV advertisement of Korea’s local fast food franchise, Lotteria. Her big eyes and somewhat inarticulate diction made her stood out from other models. Her uniqueness made her the face of Lotteria for years and Yang Mi-ra soon made her name known as the “Burger Girl.”

The Burger Girl’s main field was variety shows. Since the very early phase of Korean reality shows, which were concentrated on dating game shows, Yang Mi-ra showed her talents as a witty girl who has a character.

During the era when the definition of “female celebrity” was pretty much unified, Yang Mi-ra definitely stood out with her unprecedented charm. When now top actress Shin Min-ah debuted, she changed her stage name from Yang Min-ah to Shin Min-ah because of its closeness to Yang Mi-ra’s name.

However, her prime time did not last long. After “Match Made in Heaven” in 2003, she went on hiatus for more than three years. When she came back, the entertainment industry didn’t have much room left for her.

Yang Mi-ra’s recent endeavors include the appearance in the second season of “Tribe of Hip Hop,” in which she spoke about her honest thoughts about the past years.

Most of her recent TV appearances were only as a special guest. But through “Wife’s Taste,” she seeks to make regular appearances, which can possibly lead to a major comeback to the field.

Judging from much of positive feedback on her first appearance on the show, Yang Mi-ra might actually have a shot this time.


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Singer Kim Jeong-Hoon in Hot Water for Alleged Actions Taken Against Ex-Girlfirend

Singer-turned-actor Kim Jeong-hoon may have lied about being in a relationship to land a spot in a show. More, he allegedly forced his ex-girlfriend to undergo a medical procedure to terminate a pregnancy.

A rather complicated and problematic story is developing around singer and actor Kim Jeong-hoon after a lawsuit filed last Thursday by a woman referred to as “B” was brought to light. In the claim, B says that she dated Kim and during their relationship, she had an unplanned pregnancy. However, Kim allegedly forced B to terminate the pregnancy so as to not “undermine his image as an entertainer.”

Additionally, the claim states that Kim promised to get B an apartment, telling her he would pay the 10 million won deposit ($8,966). Unfortunately, Kim reportedly cut off all contact with her after paying the landlord around $800. As a result, B is looking to have Kim pay the remaining balance for the deposit and settle the monthly rent for the property for the duration of the lease.

With the claim not disclosing when Kim and B started and ended their relationship, the question regarding the legitimacy of his appearance on “Taste of Love” have arisen. According to claim, there is a possibility that Kim may have hidden his relationship to land a role in “Taste of Love” on TV Chosun. In the show, celebrities date a non-celebrity for 100 days after which they need to decide whether they want to continue having a relationship or not.

Prior to selecting a celebrity cast for the show, producers held preliminary meetings where they discussed the show and the individual. During their meeting with Kim, the actor told the producers that he was not in a relationship and even claimed it had been two years since his last relationship.

When asked about the actor, one producer expressed disappointment and embarrassment. “We believed his sincerity and [he] went on to appear on the show. It is embarrassing for the production team to read the articles [that have come out] today. We hope the facts are confirmed soon.”

Although similar scandals are not unheard of in the entertainment industry, the reason why this incident is proving to be particularly shocking is that Kim has a “model student” image. He studied hard during his youth and was admitted into the dental school at Seoul National University. His low scores, however, led him to leave formal education behind to pursue a career in the arts and went to a different school where he studied theater.

He has appeared in several other programs including “Radio Star” and “Problematic man” where he seemed to have the right answer and reaction to everything. Now, it appears that his clean good-boy image is about to get a makeover.

Meanwhile, as of Wednesday morning, Kim has not released an official statement.



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Kim Min and Her Husband Share Their Luxury Lifestyle in Beverly Hills on ‘Taste of Wife’

TV Chosun ‘Taste of Wife’

Kim Min and Lee Ji-ho couple made a surprise appearance on the TV Chosun reality show ‘Taste of Wife’.

On February 12th’s episode of ‘Taste of Wife’, actress Kim Min and her husband Lee Ji-ho shared their real lifestyle in Beverly Hills.

Kim Min, who is 47 years old now, actively performed in Korean dramas and films during the 90’s, and was often called “computer beauty” because of her well-defined features. In 2001, she also appeared on the movie The Accidental Spy with Jackie Chan, where she showed off her fluent English and action skills.

With the 2005 MBC drama ‘A Song of Love’ as her last work, Kim Min left the industry and got married to Lee Ji-ho in 2006. Lee is a former film director with an MBA from Harvard University, and is currently an entrepreneur. The two first met in 2004 through an introduction from a friend, and got married after two years of dating. They have a daughter named Yoona.

Because of the modern and sophisticated design of their house, the hosts of the show were surprised. They also praised Kim Min saying “how can her face look so good without makeup?” and “she looks so beautiful even right after she woke up”.


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Canadian Sitcom ‘Kim’s Convenience’ Begins Airing in Korea

Canadian sitcom “Kim’s Convenience” is also gaining popularity in Korea.

This past Sunday, the Canadian sitcom “Kim’s Convenience” broadcast for the first time on TV Chosun. According to IMDb, the show details the “misadventures” of a Korean-Canadian family running a convenience store in Toronto. The show first started airing in Canada in 2016, and after three months, over 900,000 people had turned in to watch the program.

Since then, actor Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, who plays “Appa,” the father of the family, won the Best Actor Award. Moreover, the producers greenlighted a third season that will begin later this year.

Online video streaming site Netflix took notice craze and popularity of the program and picked it up during the second season. Netflix likely played a huge part in the show’s growth by distributing it to audiences worldwide.

Meanwhile, TV Chosun will air “Kim’s Convenience” at 11:50 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.



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Police Probe Former CEO of TV Chosun in the Jang Ja-Yeon Case

Bang Jeong-oh, the former executive director of TV Chosun, refuted reported that he talked to late actress Jang Ja-yeon, using the threat of a lawsuit to silence her.

Jang Ja-yeon
Image source – Ilgan Sports

“It is not true that I met with Jang Ja-yeon several times and talked with her,” the former CEO of TV Chosun Bang Jeong-oh said on Wednesday. Adding, Bang said that he “plans to take legal action against related reports.

Earlier that day, a team dedicated to investing the allegations of sexual assault and more against the late Jang Ja-yeon summoned Bang. In a closed-door questioning, the team probed the former executive regarding a “Chosun Ilbo President Bang” mentioned in a letter that Jang wrote before she took her life.

When the case was initially investigated in 2009, Bang admitted having a drinking party with Jang but has stuck to his stance that he left after being there for just an hour. After that event, Bang has stated that he did not speak to or meet with Jang.

Image source – OSEN News

The CEO is the second executive director to be investigated in connection with Jang’s case. Before him, the president of the Koreana Hotel Bang Yong-hoon. On December 5, the investigation team called him and his younger brother for questioning.

According to reports, the two went through around a three-hour probe before being released. Like the former TV Chosun executive, the president of Koreana Hotel denies any suspicion surrounding him.

Meanwhile, police revived Jang’s case after JTBC’s “News Room” revealed new eye-witness details about the case in an interview with one of the actress’ friends. Jang is known for her role in the popular drama “Boys Over Flowers.”



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Lee Byung-Hun’s Younger Sister Surprises Everyone with First Variety Show Appearance

Lee Eun-Hee, known as the younger sister of Lee Byung-Hun, gave the public a pleasant surprise by making her first variety show appearance in 5 years!

On December 6 broadcast of TV Chosun’s “Taste of Dating,” Lee Byung-Hun’s sister Lee Eun-Hee appeared as a guest of Lee Pil-Mo and Seo Soo-Jin couple. During the episode, Lee revealed that she changed her name to Lee Ji-An and currently owns a guest house.

The three gathered up at Lee’s guest house and exchanged an in-depth conversation about the relationship between Lee Pil-Mo and Seo Soo-Jin.

First, Lee Ji-An asked Lee Pil-Mo if he has feelings for Seo Soo-Jin aside from what’s being shown in the program, to which Lee Pil-Mo answered, “ever since I first saw her. Aside from the program, I really, really enjoy her presence. I think about marrying her for real.”

Seo Soo-Jin responded, “I feel the same way. My feelings for him grow more and more every time I see him. We even met privately when we were not filming and it was just as if we were filming.”

At the end, Lee Ji-An was able to bring out the true feelings the couple has for one another, giving them a chance to check once again how deep their feelings have gotten.

Meanwhile, Lee Ji-An debuted as a child actress even before her older brother, Lee Byung-Hun. In 1996, she became Miss Korea, leading her to appear in various TV programs and gathering much attention for being the younger sister of Lee Byung-Hun.

Image Source – TV Chosun

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Kim Jong-Min Worries About His Image Being Broadcasted Differently than in Real Life

Kim Jong-Min says he’s different in real life than how he appears on TV and worries that Hwang Mina would not accept the real him.

On November 1 broadcast of TV Chosun’s “Taste of Dating,” couple Kim Jong-Min and Hwang Mina encountered a problem. Hwang gathered up the courage to become closer to Kim Jong-Min, both physically and emotionally, but she was constantly let down by the iron fence of Kim.

Ultimately, Hwang Mina bursted into tears. She knows that Kim truly cares for her by the way he addresses her and talks to her, but she wasn’t sure about his actions. At last, Hwang decided to speak her mind directly and honestly at Kim Jong-Min, “you always keep your distance from me. I feel like you always stop midway.”

When Hwang Mina expressed her disappointment,  Kim Jong-Min’s bandmate Shinji showed support for Hwang. Shinji said, “whenever we get on the stage, the person to always hold my hands is Bbaek Ga. Jong-Min has never held my hands. He’s not very used to having physical contact with others.”

In response, Kim Jong-Min revealed, “I’m just being careful. When I get to a certain line, I can’t help but to be careful.”

He then shared about his ongoing concerns that resulted from the made up image of him in various variety shows, such as KBS “One Night Two Days” and others. He continued, “I think I’m very different in real life than how I appear on TV. That’s what I’m afraid of the most. I don’t know if you would be able to accept me at my worst.”

To this, Hwang Mina expressed her support. She said, “I don’t want you to put me as the priority. Just be yourself. I’m curious about the real you, not the made-up image of you from TV. Have you ever shown yourself that you’ve never showed to others before? I want you to think of me differently than others.”

Image Source – TV Chosun

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Actor Park Si-Hoo Chooses A Passionate Melodrama for His Next Project

Actor Park Si-hoo has chosen a passionate melodrama for his next role.

Image source – Ilgan Sports

On October 8, a drama official said that actor Park Si-hoo has taken a lead role in TV Chosun’s upcoming drama “Babel.”

According to Ilgan Sports, Park will play journalist-turned prosecutor Cha Woo-hyuk. He has out-of-the-box thinking and is also a hot-head with a fiery personality. However, it may be for a good reason.

Cha has experienced a lot of loss and tragedy in his life, including the death of his father in an unknown accident which led his mother to take her own life. As time goes on, Cha gains information that there may be more to his father’s death. As he digs for the truth, a need for revenge grows inside of him.

The role of the vindictive and firey Cha contrasts greatly with his character in “Lovely Horribly” co-starring Song Ji-hyo.

Meanwhile, TV Chosun plans to air the new series sometime in December.



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1990’s Star Lee Jenny to Come Back to TV with New Reality Show

1990’s star Lee Jenny will make a comeback through TV Chosun’s new reality show ‘La La Land’.

‘La La Land’ is a reality show that watches daily lives of women, who are working hard to achieve their dreams. The show’s first episode will air at 10:50PM on September 15th on TV Chosun.

Previously, the show gained recognition after it was announced that Seo Sae-won and Seo Jung-hee’s daughter Seo Dong-joo will appear on it. Along with Seo Jung-hee, 1990’s star Lee Jenny will also appear on the show.

Officials at TV Chosun said, “there are still so many people that are curious about Lee Jenny although she suddenly left Korea for America after finishing her last drama ‘First Love of a Royal Prince’ back in 2004. Lee Jenny is living in Los Angeles as a famous web designer. And we would like to share with you Lee Jenny’s non-celebrity solo life.”


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