Beauty Secret To A V Line Is … A Lifting Mask

Actress Kim Min’s secret to her youthful looks may be credited to a specific beauty item!


Actress Kim Min (45) has been attracting lots of attention for her youthful looks. The veteran actress recently posted a selfie while using a lifting mask on March 6th. Kim Min captioned the post with “Lifting jawline mask!” (face with tears of joy) #fightinggravity #itpulls. This post has many speculating the lifting mask may be the beauty secret!

Lifting masks have been widely popular in Korea as many shared their successful experience of getting a slimmer jaw line. In Korea, the current trend of beauty is having a sharp V line. As a result, Korean cosmetic companies have made “slimming masks” widely available to obtain that sharp jawline without undergoing plastic surgery.

Actress Kim Min is most remembered for her roles in Accidental Spy (2001), Go (2001) and Love Story in Harvard (2004). Kim has recently been garnering much attention after her appearance on TV Chosun’s Taste of Wife. Her portrayal of daily life in LA has been well received.


By Sara N


Kim Min and Her Husband Share Their Luxury Lifestyle in Beverly Hills on ‘Taste of Wife’

TV Chosun ‘Taste of Wife’

Kim Min and Lee Ji-ho couple made a surprise appearance on the TV Chosun reality show ‘Taste of Wife’.

On February 12th’s episode of ‘Taste of Wife’, actress Kim Min and her husband Lee Ji-ho shared their real lifestyle in Beverly Hills.

Kim Min, who is 47 years old now, actively performed in Korean dramas and films during the 90’s, and was often called “computer beauty” because of her well-defined features. In 2001, she also appeared on the movie The Accidental Spy with Jackie Chan, where she showed off her fluent English and action skills.

With the 2005 MBC drama ‘A Song of Love’ as her last work, Kim Min left the industry and got married to Lee Ji-ho in 2006. Lee is a former film director with an MBA from Harvard University, and is currently an entrepreneur. The two first met in 2004 through an introduction from a friend, and got married after two years of dating. They have a daughter named Yoona.

Because of the modern and sophisticated design of their house, the hosts of the show were surprised. They also praised Kim Min saying “how can her face look so good without makeup?” and “she looks so beautiful even right after she woke up”.


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