Hyuna & E’Dawn Lovey Dovey Photo Shoot

Hyuna and E’Dawn updates fans on their lovey dovey relationship.


On January 10, Hyuna and E’Dawn both updated their Instagram with pictures from a photo shoot the couple recently had together.

In the photo shoot, Hyuna and E’Dawn wore fashion forward outfits with adventurous makeup. The couple had the freedom to pose in various fun positions showing fans many sides of the couple. Aside from comments on how beautiful and lovey dovey the couple appears in the pictures, fans have noticed that the couple seems to be resembling each other more over time. Do you think they look alike?




Hyuna and E’Dawn have been openly dating since they went public with their relationship in 2018.


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HyunA and E’Dawn Confirmed to Make Official Appearance as a Couple

HyunA and E’Dawn have confirmed to make their first official appearance as a couple since their departure from CUBE Entertainment!

On November 29, HyunA and E’Dawn confirmed to participate in a photo-call event for a clothing brand in Seoul. This will be their first official appearance as a couple since they both parted ways with their previous agency, Cube Entertainment, last month.

Despite all controversy, the couple has been enjoying the presence of one another as it’s evident on their Instagram accounts. The two have been practicing a new choreography together and posting pictures from their dates, receiving much praise for their bravery from the fans.

Meanwhile, the two have yet to confirm their next step as they are not agent-free. Previously, rumors of HyunA joining the AOMG family rose to the surface, but was quickly put down.

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[Opinion] Dating as a K-Pop Star Is A Risky Business Move

Dating and finding someone to spend the rest of your life with is a desire that most have, but when you’re a K-pop star it seems like taking the risk to love someone else can lead to personal ruin.

Image source – OSEN News

Goo Hara’s fallout with her now ex-boyfriend is the stuff of nightmares. Physical assault, a pending lawsuit, a police investigation, and now a sex tape. The entire ordeal has forever changed Goo Hara’s life, and likely her career and public image.

According to a recent report, Goo’s ex-boyfriend had threatened to release an alleged sex tape in the midst of an ongoing police investigation. A media outlet had apparently gotten a hold of an audio file where Goo’s ex-boyfriend is heard making the treat. Notably, he mentions that if he releases it, the tape will likely ruin her career.

This is the crux of the issue when it comes to dating a K-pop star (and celebrities in general). Being in the public eye makes celebrities particularly vulnerable when undesirable information about their private lives is exposed.

It can ruin their public image and make fans turn their back on them. This is doubly damaging when it isn’t just a friend or former business associate, but a romantic partner — someone with who is confident, a best friend, and lover. The intimacy of the betrayal is astounding and certainly traumatizing for the actress and singer. Unfortunately, she is not the first nor the last star to be threatened in this way.

Beloved ballad singer Baek Ji-young’s manager secretly recorded the two having sex back in 2000. While he did not release it right away, he used it as leverage in an attempt to blackmail here her when she attempted to hire a new manager. However, the singer did not give in to his demands. But as a result, he released the video and it forced her to step away from the stage for five years.

Having a relationship turn toxic and implode is just one of the ways that dating can be a risky business move. However, sometimes the pressure comes from the outside.

Image source – Cube Entertainment

In August, Cube Entertainment’s artists (for now) Hyuna and E’Dawn from boy group Pentagon announced that they have been in a relationship for up to two years. The confessions came shortly after the agency has issued an official denial of the rumors and in the middle of Triple H’s comeback. If the two artists were happy to finally have the truth revealed, that euphoria ended quickly when the backlash began.

Pentagon’s fans quickly descended on the couple for a variety of reasons, including feeling misled by their stage chemistry (they have chemistry off stage too, how upsetting), and because they were hiding it (but then they revealed it and…).

Not only that, but Cube Entertainment was forced to cancel Triple H’s promotional activities and removed E’Dawn from Pentagon’s schedule for the time being. In particular, in a stunning announcement, Cube Entertainment announced it had decided to oust the two singers.

The agency flip-flopped on the decision when their stock dropped. As of the writing of this article, Cube Entertainment has not announced the current standing of the two singers.



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PENTAGON E’Dawn Addresses Recent Events in Letter to Fans

PENTAGON member E’Dawn has finally opened up to his fans about the recent events regarding his relationship with HyunA.

On September 7, PENTAGON’s E’Dawn stopped by the group’s official fan cafe, leaving a letter to fans expressing his honest thoughts and feelings about the recent events regarding his romantic involvement with HyunA. In the letter, the singer apologized to fans about missing out on official events, as well as taking a temporary hiatus from group activities.

The following is E’Dawn’s full letter:

Hello everyone, this is E’Dawn.

I’m sorry for coming to you so late, so suddenly, and not even directly, but with a letter.

I had wanted to stand in front you at the fan meet and the fan club inauguration ceremony in August, for which our members and I had worked very hard, but I was unfortunately not able to attend.

I needed to find a way to express my regret and apologize to fans for disappearing so suddenly, even after I had said I wanted to perform confidently and proudly in front of you. While I do not know how this letter will appeal to you guys, I wanted to deliver my sincere apology and update you on my life to everyone who is wondering about my whereabouts.

Before the incident took place, I was very scared and afraid. I had talked to my members about it multiple times, trying to decide what is the right thing to do. However, I finally realized that I needed to be honest and not lie about the things I had chosen to do. The right thing to do was to stand in front of you, and be honest about my feelings.

Moreover, I had promised to perform on stage as soon as possible, and I’m sorry that I have broken that promise with the upcoming PENTAGON comeback. however, our members have worked very hard for this comeback, and I’m glad that they got the opportunity to showcase their hard work in front of you.

While I can’t be there physically, but I will be cheering on our members with our fans for they have put their fullest efforts into the upcoming album.

I was given a month to think about the incident and consider what my next step should be.

At the beginning, I anticipated a lot of people to hate me. I also worried that I had hurt too many people. Overall, it was a time for me to think about a lot of different things. Now I’m upset that this is the only way to deliver my sincere heart, and only through a letter.

I do not know how we will meet again, but please stay healthy. I pray that only good news and things will come into your lives. I’m sorry, I thank you, and I miss you. Every time I get a chance, I promise to come back with more news.

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Cube Entertainment Announces E’Dawn and Yan-An’s Hiatus From Pentagon

20 days of silence gives way to a shocking announcement from Cube Entertainment.

Image source – Daily Sports

On August 22, Pentagon‘s agency Cube Entertainment announced that members Yan-an, due to his health, and E’Dawn will temporarily suspend their activities. According to the agency, Yan’an will be getting intensive treatment and will return once he recovers. As a result, the group will operate with only eight members for the time being.

Although the entertainment agency did not specify a reason for E’Dawn’s withdrawal from group activities, the revelation of his two-year relationship with singer Hyuna likely played a part. At the beginning of this month when unit Triple H was still in the midsts of their comeback promotions, rumors emerged that member Hyuna and E’Dawn were in a relationship.

Initially, Cube Entertainment denied the two were dating but soon found itself in a tough spot. On social media, Hyuna admitted that the two have been in a relationship for as long as two years. The sudden confession led the agency to reverse course and deal with the situation with no prior preparation. On top of that, other rumors and photos of other Pentagon members on what some fans thought were dates.

However, none of the other news took the spotlight away from Hyuna and E’Dawn. The backlash was swift from those who called themselves fans of the group. Some fans said they felt deceived by what they thought was good platonic friendship in Triple H, but it turned out to be love.

Consequently, the trio canceled the rest of their promotions and fan sign event and E’Dawn slipped away from the public eye. Since then, he has not participated in any of the group’s activities both domestically and in Japan.

Following the announcement, Cube Entertainment apologized to fans of the group. Currently, there is no timeline for the singers’ return. However, in the future, it is expected that Pentagon will make a comeback without the two members.



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[OPINION] K-Fans are Mad NOT Because They are Dating, but Because They are Hiding

If there existed a competition for the most sensitive and touchy subject in the history of K-Pop, the “revelation of idols’ secret relationship” would kill all. We all know the drill – a news outlet reports a relationship, agencies check with the artists, they confirm the news, and then comes an apology letter to fans, hoping to get their approvals and the magical ending to the whole chaos.

When I put it like that, it makes it seem like K-fans are these possessive, overprotective mothers who infringe on their idol’s (or idles, meaning “children” in Korean – sorry, I had to) “right as a human being” and “natural instinct” to have feelings for someone. And believe me, I used to think like that, too.

However, as time went on, I couldn’t help but to notice a slight change in the attitude of K-fans when it comes to accepting their idol’s relationship. What’s more interesting is that I have also noticed a change in the attitude of idols, when coming out with a relationship.

What I’ve noticed is that fans rather grew mature to accept that idols are also human beings, who will eventually have to marry someone other than their fans. On the other hand, idols have become somewhat sneakier when in a relationship – most of the time getting caught sending secret messages to their significant other on SNS, the so-called “love-stagram.”

Then, I realized that K-fans are not mad because idols are dating; they are mad because they are hiding.

Back in the days of H.O.T and Sechs Kies, it was common that fans felt a certain romantic pull from their idols, and most of them pretended like they were in a personal relationship with the artists.

The fans used to look up to the singers and “worship” them, hence the use of the word “idol,” and acted like their guardian angels the singers never asked for. With that being said, it was simply outrageous that idols would ever engage in a romantic relationship with someone else other than fans, let alone go public with it.


However, the culture of K-Pop has gotten more sophisticated that it is no longer a vertical relationship between a star and a fan.

A mutual respect exists between them because they know they can each benefit from one another. Like friends with (a different kind of) benefit. I even dare say that the artists probably benefit more from their fans because without them, exactly where are they going to find people to vote for them in awards/music shows and buy their albums, ensuring the stable income and extended career?

Nowadays, K-Fans are aware that idols are just a group of kids who can’t fight the natural urge to have feelings for someone. We are all humans – we all feel the same emotions. More importantly, they also understand that they don’t actually have the rights to tell their idols what they can and cannot do.

While fans don’t necessarily own the idols, they still somewhat have the right to say what they would like to see and not see from them. In other words, fans are just a nice way to say consumers, who have the right to demand things. Idols, as suppliers, need to realize the needs of the consumers, fulfill, and encourage further consumption.Image result for i have some demands gif
First of all, one of the biggest criticisms that K-fans receive is that they tend to think the idols are their boyfriends. They have become possessive and obsessed, putting their noses where they don’t belong.

However, need I remind you that it was the companies who laid out the whole boyfriend-girlfriend structure between fans and idols in the beginning? The companies have encouraged the fans to feel this special connection, in order to prevent them from stanning multiple groups. It’s like being in a relationship that you can’t date anyone else.

For example, there is a girl group literally named “Girlfriend” (of whom I am a big fan, but the name I found rather ridiculous, at first). According to the company’s official explanation, the group was named “Girlfriend” in hopes to become a “lovely girlfriend to male fans,” as well as a “friendly friend to female fans.”

They set up this certain structure, release dating apps and “eye contact” videos to win fans over, then years later, they suddenly demand fans have mercy and see them as ordinary human beings? Whether they like it or not, this imaginary relationship was a part of the deal and what fans, as consumers, have paid for. And idols knew exactly what they got themselves into, when they handed over the control of their image to the management, including restrictions on romantic relationships.


Furthermore, in South Korea, the majority of fandom culture is composed of teenagers.

And like I’ve said before, the people in the youth community of South Korea don’t get many opportunities to make their own decision. They walk the path already planned and polished by their parents, always craving for freedom and a fancier life.

Ultimately, they have found the fancy life from the idols – people who are the same ages as they, yet live in a completely different world. These fans see idols like their “surrogate mothers,” who live out their dream life for them. This is the reason why they consume the idol/k-pop culture, so that they fulfill personal satisfaction through them.

Idols sell more than just music. In addition to music, they also sell image, visual, and performance. And fans have this certain “image” they would like to see from their idols, which they cannot quite have in their ordinary lives. In return for their demands, they don’t hold back their wallets. It’s a relationship that creates great synergy – something that allowed BTS to emerge into the international music industry, proudly representing the culture of South Korea.

So, exactly what am I suggesting here?

I would like to suggest that idols keep their personal life separate from their professional life. Fans know your dating life is not something they can control. However, you still have to respect that fans do not want to see you with your girlfriend/boyfriend in front of them, especially not on stage.

Right now, I would like to mention HyunA and PENTAGON’S E’Dawn, who recently admitted their relationship, only to put the future of Triple H in jeopardy regardless of what their original intention was.

Image result for hyuna and e'dawn gif

The reason why this couple received an unusual amount of backlash from the fans is not because they were dating, but because they were sneaking around.

According to HyunA, the couple has been dating for over two years, even before the creation of Triple H. We all understand why they had to hide their relationship at first, PENTAGON was still a rookie group back then – a newborn baby who needs the love and attention of a mother.

Image Source – Instagram @hyunah_aa

However, was it really necessary that they create a coed unit that consists of two real-life lovers, when they knew exactly how fans would feel when they found out the truth? If they wanted to be “honest” and “confident” like HyunA said they wanted to, they should have come clean with their relationship from the beginning, or hide it until the end.

Instead, they played with the fans by saying they have never dated anyone, and writing a song about their secret relationship. From a fan’s point of view, it’s like we have paid for the two to go on dates not only privately, but also publicly on camera.


Once you blur the boundary between your personal life and professional life by bringing private feelings into a workplace, you can’t be mad that other people no longer trust you, professionally. Just like we can’t trust E’Dawn and HyunA anymore, especially with the actions they have shown after the dating news broke out.

Korean fans are aware it’s a human thing to date. Just be a professional and keep your pants on in front of the cameras.

by. Dasol Kim

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Highlight Son Dong-Woon Mentions 13 Years of Friendship with HyunA

Highlight’s Son Dong-Woon talks about the unique acquaintance-ship he has with Triple H’s HyunA!

In the upcoming broadcast of “School Attack 2018,” Triple H and MOMOLAND appeared as 4th celebrities to attack a school in Paju, South Korea. While interviewing the two groups, Highlight’s Son Dong-Woon revealed a unique friendship he shares with Triple H’s HyunA.

During the show, MC Eun Ji-Won mentioned that one of the guests had a special connection to MC Son Dong-Woon. In response, Son said, “I’ve known this person for 13 years now. I’m 28 years old now, so it’s like I’ve know them for almost half of my life.”

Continuing the talk, Eun Ji-Won asked him if they are still in contact. To this, Son Dong-Woon drew laughters out of everyone by revealing that he actually doesn’t even have their phone number.

The person they were talking about turned out to be HyunA from Triple H. The singer responded to the talk by sharing her first impression of Son. She said, “I first met oppa in 5th grade. His good and ethical image hasn’t changed a bit.”

In response, Son said, “HyunA had and still has lots of passion regarding her career. Back then, she did not hesitate to say things on her mind to anyone. I liked that about her.”

Meanwhile, the upcoming episode of “School Attack 2018” will feature Triple H and MOMOLAND “attacking” a school in Paju. The episode will air on August 13 at 9 PM, KST, on SBS funE channel.

Image Source – SBS

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[Opinion] Fans Need to Stop Asking Celebrities to Apologize for Everything

Anyone who is at least familiar with the exciting world of Korean entertainment must have noticed that celebrities seem to get negative backlash easily. As a result, they end up issuing apologies for frivolous matters and ordinary human activities.

On August 2, rapper, singer and former Wonder Girl and 4Minute member, Hyuna revealed that she has been in a relationship with labelmate and Pentagon member E’Dawn for as long as two years. In what was supposed to be a moment of liberation and truth, turned into something ugly and possibly detrimental for E’Dawns career and put the future of Triple H in limbo.


In the week since their revelation, Triple H halted their “Retro Future” promotions and canceled a fan sign event due to unpredictable circumstance. Further, E’Dawn has had to keep a low profile. On August 7, Cube Entertainment announced that the singer would not attend Pentagon’s fan club event set for the 11th. Additionally, the next day informed fans and media outlets that he would be skipping out on Japanese activities.

While I have personally not seen any Hyuna fans giving her any flack, the same cannot be said for Pentagon fans. Some have expressed anger saying that it was selfish for the two to reveal their relationship and wondered in E’Dawn had spoken about it with his group member beforehand. Others have said they should have admitted it when they first started dating or denied it until the very end (end of what exactly?).

Some fans reacting to Hyuna and E’Dawns relationship

Additionally, some fans believe that E’Dawn is generating so much negative public attention that he has become a threat to the blossoming success of Pentagon, and as such needs to leave the group. The singer himself has not said anything, but I can feel an apology on the way after a period of more silence and reflection. With the number of disgruntled fans increasing and demanding an explanation (read apology), it will likely happen.

Perhaps it will be a handwritten note that says he is sorry fans had to find out this way, and he wishes he could have let them know sooner. He’ll then go one to ask for their support for Pentagon and promises to return with a better image so that fans can be proud of him.

Honestly, all of it is whack.

All of the negative backlash is from Pentagon’s “fans,” if they just chilled or took it in stride then none of this would have been a big deal. In mid-July BtoB’s Chang-sub, also Cube Entertainment found himself at the center of a dating rumor with actress Jung Jae-eun. The two denied it, and the majority of BtoB’s fandom did not make a big deal out of it. Most commenters believed that although he is an idol, he deserves privacy and left it at that, leaving the singer mostly unscathed.

How can being in a relationship be so controversial? Dating and romantic relationship (finding a mate, if you will) is a natural biological human behavior! Yet it is a scandal. It is not uncommon for me to come to work after a new couple has been outed to find articles covering the same topic from a dozen different news outlets. Further, it is also common to find follow-up articles reporting that the couple ( or the less famous of the two) issues an apology for not informing everyone sooner.

However, verified relationships are one thing, but speculated relationship or “provocative” interactions can also lead to apologies. Like this one from Suran when she was connected with BTS Suga. Or Han Seo-hee after she mentioned V from BTS on Instagram Live. Or LABOUM Solbin when Vapp viewers saw her leave to talk to BTS Jin and (gasp!) called him by his real name. The two were MCs for KBS “Music Bank.”

Not only is fan behavior and the fact that a relationship is scandalized whack, but so are celebrity apologies.

I don’t think celebrities should apologize for normal human behavior. But this is expected in Korea’s hypersensitive (snowflake?) entertainment industry and fandom culture and celebrities often deliver, whether it is truly warranted or not.

There are many times when stars nd up issuing apologies for frivolous matters and ordinary human activities and behavior. Trot singer Hong Jin-young apologized for being too energetic on a variety show while comedian Yoo Byung-jae apologized after praising the screenplay for the drama “My Mister.”

Conversely, the way that celebrities — and media outlets at times — based in places like Hollywood react to such criticism and bad mouthing is a striking contrast. When Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z’s extramarital affair was hinted at in the singer’s Grammy and Peabody Award-winning Lemonade album, people speculated on who the other woman was and the state of the two artists’ relationship. On the matter, the two did not issue any statements until the rapper’s interview with The New York Times and David Letterman.

However, I cannot recall any media or fans saying he needs to retire, not make a public appearance, or apologize for his behavior. In fact, fans of these celebrities and the public at large usually don’t expect or want an apology, and stars rarely dish them out. If they do, it is a private matter or in the case of Jay-Z, was integrated into his song “4:44,” or Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.”

Likewise, Hollywood stars tend to push back against negative publicity. Actress Jennifer Aniston who is best known for her role as Rachel Green on the 90’s sitcom “Friends,” pushed back against media and fans talking about her love life. In an interview for InStyle Magazine, the actress said that when it comes to reports about her, she “can sit back and laugh at the ridiculous headlines because they have gotten more and more absurd.”

Continuing, Aniston said commented on misconceptions, and her response is good enough to warrant a blockquote:

“The misconceptions are “Jen can’t keep a man,” and “Jen refuses to have a baby because she’s selfish and committed to her career.” Or that I’m sad and heartbroken. First, with all due respect, I’m not heartbroken. And second, those are reckless assumptions. No one knows what’s going on behind closed doors. No one considers how sensitive that might be for my partner and me. They don’t know what I’ve been through medically or emotionally. There is a pressure on women to be mothers, and if they are not, then they’re deemed damaged goods. Maybe my purpose on this planet isn’t to procreate. Maybe I have other things I’m supposed to do. “

It is punchy and the absolute opposite of an apology or the often used statement made by a management agency. Aniston effectively established her boundaries for privacy, her career, and her life — something that many won’t and shouldn’t have a say in. I’ve said it once before, but being a celebrity does not mean you are a doll for the media nor fans and it is wrong for them to think so.

It is the kind of response that I wish I saw more often in Korean Entertainment, but with a conservative culture and a well developed and obsessive fandom lifestyle, it is too soon to even hope.

Nonetheless, at some point demands for celebrities to apologize for frivolous matters or normal behavior needs to stop and fans need to stop feeling so entitled to their lives.

In short:


By O.C


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PENTAGON E’Dawn Continue to Skip Out Official Promotions Even in Japan

Not being able to handle the repercussion from confirming relationship with Hyuna, E’Dawn has decided to skip out on Japanese promotions, as well.

On August 9, CUBE Japan announced that E’Dawn will not be participating in all Japanese promotional activities, starting with the upcoming fan meeting on August 18. The company provided a brief explanation, saying it was because of “internal conflicts.”

After confirming their relationship, HyunA and E’Dawn had to face many conflicted fans. Many argued that the two were not being professional because they confirmed the news after denying it first. Consequently, Triple H had to cancel further promotions with “Retro Future.”

Meanwhile, CUBE Entertainment earlier announced the absence of E’Dawn in the upcoming fan club event on August 11. Regarding the no-show from the member, Cube apologized, “we offer our sincere apology. We hope you understand.”

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E’Dawn to be Absent from Pentagon’s Fan Club Event

Continued backlash and unpredictable circumstances have led Cube Entertainment to announced E’Dawn’s absence.

Image source – Cube Entertainment

“E’Dawn will not attend (from the event) because of internal circumstance” Cube Entertainment announced on Wednesday. The agency posted the announcement through its official channels of communication, including SNS.

Although not specified the “internal circumstances” are likely connected with the singer’s newly outed relationship with rapper and singer Hyuna. Since the announcement, Triple H, a trio comprised of E’Dawn, Hyuna, and Hui, canceled the rest of their promotions and have kept a relatively low profile.

However, he won’t be the only Pentagon member to be a no-show. According to Cube Entertainment, Yan An will not be present at the group’s fan club event. The agency explained that the singer was “forced to skip the meeting” because of an uncoordinated schedule. As such, Cube Entertainment apologized for “causing waiting fans so much anxiety” and asked for their understanding.

Meanwhile, Pentagon’s fan club event “Universe Day” will take place on August 11 at Sejong University.


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