Actor Jung Il-Woo Announces Limited Fan Meeting Tour Starting in May

Actor Jung Il-woo is heading to Japan where he plans to meet with fans in Japan for the beginning of a fan meeting tour.


On Monday, actor Jung Il-woo announced that he will be embarking on a limited fan meeting tour this May. The tour, titled “Him,” will start in Tokyo and Osaka on the 24th and 25th of the month, respectfully. That said, there is a possibility that more cities and counties will be added to the tour.

In his announcement on Instagram, the actor wrote that “we will [notify] you [of] further for other countries/cities,” hinting that there may be more to come. Notably, this is Jung’s first fan meeting since he completed his military service in November.

Meanwhile, Jung is currently starring in the historical drama Haechi as Prince Lee Geum.



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Sulli Reveals That the Show ‘Jinri Market’ Helped Her in New Pictorial

Sulli’s entertainment program “Jinri Market” provided her with an opportunity that she says helped her.

Sulli, a former member of f(x), sported a quirky and unique style in her latest pictorial in fashion magazine Grazia. The shoot partially reflected the city where it took place, Tokyo. Unlike the bustle that the metropolis is known for, there was a quiet and still atmosphere that allows viewers to focus on focal pieces and makeup for the upcoming spring season.

In the interview that followed the shoot, Sulli expressed her feeling about “Jinri Market” which ended recently. With filming having taken place in Europe, the singer and actress said that the show “brought me into the outside world” because she had to meet so many different people outside of what she is used to. Additionally, with the focus on the show being a pop-up shop, she also had to take on managerial duties and took part in important meetings.

Overall, she says that her biggest gain came in the form of people. ” I have vivid memories with everyone, including those involved in the pop-u, fan I met, and so on,” recalled Sulli.




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IOC Praises South Korea for Maintaining Its Olympic Infrastructure

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) says that South Korea is doing an exemplary job in making use of the facilities and infrastructure that it built for the 1988 Olympic Games.

On Monday, the IOC evaluated South Korea’s Olympic Park — built in 1988 — located in the Songpa District of Seoul and stated that it was an “exemplary case for managing Olympic heritage.”

The evaluation came after the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation (KSPO) invited and hosted IOC legacy manager Aurélie LeMouzy visit to the park on the 25th. While together, KSPO members briefed her on the status on the park’s facilities.

In response, LeMouzy said that she thinks the park is a good example of how to maintain, operate, and integrate infrastructure originally built for hosting the Olympic Games. In particular, she noted that they did so with surplus money and fundraising project and made it into a space that contributed to the “health of citizens” and recreation.

As a result, LeMouzy said that the KPSO, which manages and conserves the legacy of the Seoul 1988 Olympics, successfully utilized its facilities for sporting events, and cultural and artistic performances since the games concluded. The visit comes as the IOC looks to examples on how to effectively manage future (and present) Olympic infrastructures, such as the upcoming 2020 summer Olympic Games in Tokyo and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

IOC legacy manager Aurélie LeMouzy speaks with a Korea Sports Promotion Foundation official – Korea Daily

The IOC plans to recommend that the respective committees in charge of those events look to Seoul for reference. Moreover, it is going to publish an article on the park as a model example on its homepage. In addition, the KPSO has decided to discuss how it can further capitalize on the heritage of the park, including making souvenirs using the mascot of the 1988 games, which is currently copyrighted to the IOC.

On the other hand, cities around the world have grown shy of host prestigious sportings event due to the disproportionately high cost of building infrastructure to low pay offs for the hosting cities. About a year after the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, ESPN noted in one reported that although 15 of the 27 venues fro the games had residual events since, that “other sit largely abandoned” and that “their decay and disrepair” are a “constant reminder of what was meant to be.”

As the cost of hosting the games climbs to unrealistic hights, more research and subsequent articles have emerged that what used to be an economic boon for cities may leave they worse off than before.




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Zico to Take His “King of the Zungle” Tour to Japan and Europe

Block B Zico is heading overseas in September and October for the next leg of his tour.

King of the Zungle Zico
Image source – Seven Seasons

On August 27, Zico’s agency Seven Seasons announced that starting next month the rapper will be taking his “King of the Zungle” tour abroad.

The rapper will head to Tokyo where he will perform for two days from September 1 to 2. After that, he will travel to Europe. Towards the end of September on the 26th, the rapper will perform in Madrid, Spain then hop over to London and Berlin on the 28th and 30th, respectively.

October looks to be equally busy for the artists.  On the 3rd, the rapper’s Polish fans can attend his show in Warshaw. A few days later on the 6th, he will be in Amsterdam for a night before taking the stage in Moscow on the 7th.

The announcement of the Block B member’s overseas tour follows his the strong completion of his first solo concert in Seoul this month on the 11th and 12th. With the successful performances under the rapper’s belt, attention is focusing on how he can solidify his position as a global artist.

Considering his seamless debut as a solo artist who creates a wide range of music, many are hopeful if not confident that continue to thrive.



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Now a Four-Member Group, SHINee Begins Its Japan Tour

Taking a step forward from the tragic loss of their group member Jonghyun last December, the remaining SHINee members successfully finished their first show in Japan.

Image source – OSEN News

At the Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan 40,000 fans gathered on February 17 for the first show of SHINee’s tour in Japan. Fans were treated to some of the group’s best songs since their debut.

In addition to their recognized hit songs, the now four-member group introduced two new songs. The two new songs, “From Now On” and “Every Time,” were created with the participation of all five members, including the late Kim Jonghyun.

According to Japanese media reports from Oricon News and M-ON! Press, the group complete the show without incident. However, a few tears were shed by the members and fans alike during the show.

Meanwhile, SHINee will have have a second show at the Kyocera Dome on the 18th. Two additional shows on the 26th and 27th will take place at the Tokyo Dome.



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