The Boyz Member Hwall’s Father Passes Away

Hwall is currently spending time with family.

the boyz
Image source – Creker Entertainment

On Wednesday, The Boyz‘s agency Creker Entertainment reported that the father of member Hwall had passed away this Monday. Currently, the singer is mourning with his family and relatives at a funeral home. Moreover, according to the wished if the deceased’s family, no other information about the funeral will be forthcoming.

As a result of his loss, the company asked that fans to “please be considerate” so that they can mourn the death peacefully. Lastly, it apologized for not reporting the incident earlier and asked for their support during this trying time.




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8 K-pop Idol Stars Who Are Half Korean

Half-Korean Idols

Half-Korean Idols

Half-Korean Idols

Half-Korean Idols

Half-Korean Idols

Half-Korean Idols

Half-Korean Idols

Half-Korean Idols

Half-Korean Idols

BTS, GFriend, TWICE & EXID Surprise Appearance on M Countdown’s 600th Episode

BTS, GFriend, TWICE and EXID specially appeared on M Countdown’s 600th episode.

On January 3rd, Mnet’s M Countdown commemorated their 600th episode by the sudden appearance of top idols on air. BTS, Twice, Monsta X, BtoB, Mamamoo, Iz One and more were featured in special videos congratulating the show while GFriend and EXID prepared special performances to their past hit songs for the audience.

There were never seen performances by The Boyz performing as EXO and Fromis 9 performing as Girl’s Generation marking the younger artists honoring their predecessors on stage. Lovelyz specially performed their debut song ‘Candy Jelly Love’ in addition to special performances by Roy Kim, Laboum, Day6 and UP10TION.


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2019 Idol Star Athletics Championship Announces Final Lineup of Participants

2019 Idol Star Athletics Championship has announced the lineup of participants!

On December 11, MBC announced the final lineup for this year’s Idol Star Athletics Championship. In celebration of its 10th anniversary, the lineup for the upcoming event is more legendary and epic than ever before.

According to the notice, this year’s event will feature artists from the Big 3 companies – JYP, SM, and YG for the first time. More in detail, the lineup includes Super Junior, TWICE, SEVENTEEN, Red Velvet, MONSTA X, NCT 127, Stray Kids, (G)I-DLE, Momoland, ASTRO, The Boyz, gugudan, Celeb Five, and Golden Child. Moreover, iKon has announced their first-ever appearance in this particular annual event.

Furthermore, MBC had also previously announced a new category that’s been added to the event called a Penalty Shootout. For this particular event, iKon, SEVENTEEN, MONSTA X, ASTRO, NCT 127, The Boyz, Stary Kids, and Golden Child have confirmed participation.

Meanwhile, 2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships will air over the Korean Lunar New Year holidays.

Image Source – MBC, JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, Pledis Entertainment

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2018 Korea Popular Music Awards Announces List of Nominees

2018 Korea Popular Music Awards has announced the list of nominees for this year’s event!

On November 19, the 2018 Korea Popular Music Awards (hereafter 2018 KPMA) announced the list of nominees before the voting takes place the following day. They established the official website exclusively for the voting, where the fans can visit and root for their idols.

Image Source – SM, JYP, Big Hit

So far, they have revealed the nominees for 3 categories – the Best Artist Award, Best Album Award, and Best New Artist Award. On November 20, they will further announce the list of nominees for genre-specific awards.

For the Best Artist, a total of 12 idols and groups have been nominated. The list includes, BLACKPINK, BTS, Chungha, EXO, MAMAMOO, NU’EST W, Red Velvet, Roy Kim, SHINee, TWICE, Wanna One, and WINNER.

Best Album Awards have 5 nominees, including BTS, Bolbbalgan4, Red Velvet, TWICE, and Wanna One. Lastly, Best New Artist also has a total of 5 nominees. It includes The Boyz, fromis_9, (G)I-DLE, Jang Deok-Cheol, and Stray Kids.

The voting will start on November 20 and continue until midnight on December 16. However, the voting for Popularity Award will end on December 20 at 5PM, KST. The actual event will take place on December 20 at the Ilsan KINTEX.

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Idol Stars Head to Test Sites for College Entrance Exam

Several K-pop idol stars are taking the college scholastic ability test of this year, which is happening today (November 15 KST).


Golden Child’s Choi Bomin

The youngest member of the group is heading to the test site with a lunchbox packed by other members.


Fave Girls’ Park Hae-rin

Park Hae-rin from MIXNINE is showing her test identification slip.


Weki Meki’s Choi Yoo-jung


The Boyz’ Sunwoo


Fromis 9’s Lee Chae-young


Stray Kids’ Hyunjin


Momoland’s Ahin


TRCNG’s Jisung and Hyunwoo


IZONE’s Kim Chae-won

IZONE members came to the test site with Kim Chae-won to send supports.



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Wanna One, IZ*ONE, and More Confirms to Attend 2018 MAMA Premiere in Korea

Artists confirmed to attend the 2018 MAMA Premiere in Korea!

The 2018 MAMA Premiere in Korea will take place at the DDP in Seoul on December 10. The event will begin at 4PM with the red carpet ceremony, leading to the actual ceremony at 7PM, KST. At the event, a total of 12 domestic rookie groups and 5 foreign rookie groups will put on an array of performances.

For the domestic male artists, rappers HAON and VINXEN have confirmed to attend. Adding to this list are Hyeongseop X Euiwoong, Kim Dong-Han, rookie groups Stray Kids, and The Boyz. The domestic female artist groups include fromis_9, (G)I-DLE, GSWN, IZ*ONE, LOONA, and Nature. All of these groups have been nominated for the Best New Artist award this year.

Moreover, the event has also announced that Wanna one, who have already won the Best New Artist in 2017 MAMA alongside three other awards, has confirmed to make appearance as well. The group plans to perform in support for their junior artists just as they were last year.

The event has also announced a new award called the Best New Asian Artist. Therefore, it has invited a total of 5 teams that are actively promoting in different areas of Asia. The list includes Dean Ting, HIRAGANA KEYAKIZAKA46, Marion Jola, Orange, and The Toys.

Meanwhile, the online voting for the 2018 MAMA is currently taking place on the official website of 2018 MAMA. Following the 2018 MAMA Premiere in Korea, the event will continue in Japan on December 12 and in Hong Kong on December 14.

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Red Velvet, NU’EST W, The Boyz and More to Perform at Asia Song Festival

Many K-pop idol groups along with artists from China and Japan are set to perform at this year’s Asia Song Festival.

Asia Song Festival

The 2018 Asia Song Festival is scheduled to take place on October 2 and 3 in Busan. According to the festival’s organizing committee, this year’s theme of “Asia Is One,” has brought artists from around the neighbors Japan and China to South Korea’s shores, adding diversity to the K-pop heavy lineup.

On October 2, MXM, Jeong Se-woon, YDPP, The Boyz, NU’EST W are set to perform. In addition to these K-pop acts, the six-member Chinese boy group C.T.O and one artist team from Japan will also take the stage.

The next day on the October 3, festival-goers can expect to see Red Velvet, Wanna One, Seventeen, Momoland, BeWhy, and Fromis 9 will entertain fans with their catchy songs. Further, Filipino singer Morissette Amon along with others from China and Japan will perform.

Tickets for the first day of the festival go on sale on the 4th and the second day on the 5th.



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EXID and The Boyz Meet Fans in Vietnam

K-pop groups EXID and The Boyz proved their massive popularities in Vietnam at the fan event.

On July 31, EXID and The Boyz visited Vietnam for “V HEARTBEAT” event at Hoa Binh Theatre in Ho Chi Minh City.

Previous to their first live performance “V HEARTBEAT LIVE,” the two groups had a fan meeting event and interacted with fans. Only the selected number of fans could participate, but the event site was busy with people who gathered early in the morning in hopes to catch a glimpse of the stars.

Members of EXID and The Boyz returned fans’ love by actively engaging with the event.


“V HEARTBEAT” is the only countable music chart in Vietnam, created by the cooperation of Korean web portal Naver and the Vietnamese government. Claiming to support “The Gateway to Asia,” they run weekly and monthly live projects.


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Block B’s Park Kyung Produced The Boyz New Upcoming Single

Block B’s Park Kyung continues to demonstrate his music skills by working on The Boyz’s comeback song.

On July 3, Crecker Entertainment issued a statement regarding boy group The Boyz new digital single. In the announcement, the agency said that the group’s new song, which comes out this month, was produced with the help of Block B member Park Kyung. According to the agency, the “song is a combination of Park’s uniqueness and the energy of The Boyz.”

Park Kyung has a proven record as a producer having worked his group’s albums and his solo as well. As a result, attention is focusing on the kind of sound The Boyz new song will have.

Image source – Instagram

Moreover, in addition to new music, it seems that a new friendship has been formed. Park showed affection for the group as seen in a picture he posted on social media. Further, not only did he memorize the name of each member, but he also showed interest by looking over the group’s past videos.

Formed after the second season of Mnet’s “Produce 101,” The Boyz debuted last December with The First. Five months later, the group released their second mini album, The Start, which further strengthened their fandom and their identity. With their upcoming digital single, they plan to show a new side of themselves.



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