EXO Suho Shows of Luxurious Style While in Rome for Event

EXO leader Suho attended a fashion event in Rome wearing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry.

Image source – OSEN News database

On Monday, EXO‘s Suho left for Rome, Italy to attend the luxury brand Bulgari’s 20th Anniversary of B.zero1 party at the Auditorium Parco della Musica.

For the event, Suho wore a light pink blazer over a black long-sleeve dress shirt and plants with side embroidery. He accessorized with a simple black and white scarf and several rings — most likely Bulgari.

The K-pop star wasn’t the only star at the event. Model Bella Hadid, Liam Payne, and Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis and more were also in attendance. The guests were also treated to a performance from Diplo.




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EXO Suho Nominated for Best New Actor at the Korea Musical Awards

Can EXO’s Suho sure the Best New Actor award with his role in”The Man Who Laughs”?

Image source – OSEN News

EXO leader Suho has been nominated for the Best New Actor award at the Korea Musical Awards for his role in “The Man Who Laughs.”

In “The Man Who Laughs,” Suho plays the role of Gwynplaine, a young boy disfigured by the Comprachicos left on the streets to die. He is taken in reluctantly by Ursus, a wandering showman who seems grumpy but is kind. 15 years later, Gwynplaine has become a sensation and gained the name The Laughing Man. However, his fame attracts different people who impact his life in unexpected, and perhaps, tragic ways.

Image source – EMK International

Last year, the singer was nominated for the same prize at the Yegreen Musical Awards for his role in the musical “The Last Kiss” as the prince. However, the Best New Actor award went to Park Kang-hyun, who played the same role. Nonetheless, Suho got a huge round of applause when he took home the Popularity Award.

Since then, the singer has worked to improve his skills on stage and continues to learn. “I learned a lot while doing a musical,” he said in an interview. “I learn a lot from my senior colleagues and discovered that I can act with sincerity…I will become a musical someone who can act with sincerity in the future,” he declared.



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MBC Discussing Substituting Suho and Yoona As MCs for Year-End Show Due to Recent Events

MBC may substitute Suho and Yoona due to recent tragic events.

MBC daejejeon MC
Image source: OSEN News

On December 22 an MBC official said, ” The producers have been discussing changes of the cast, including the hosts.” For this year’s Gayo Daejejeon, MBC announced that Girls’ Generation Yoona, EXO Suho, and ASTRO Cha Eunwoo would be the MCs for the event. However, due to the untimely death of SHINee Jonghyun, they are currently discussing changes in consideration of Suho and Yoona who are from the same agency as Jonghyun.

SM Entertainment has canceled schedules for its artist, or the artists themselves have willing pulled out of scheduled activities. Just recently, Red Velvet Irene and Sulgi pulled out of a planned collaboration with TWICE for SBS’s Gayo Daejeon.

SHINee Jonghyun was found in a Gangnam residence suffering from Carbon Monoxide poisoning on December 18. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital due to suicide and laid to rest on December 20. Since this event, artists from SM Entertainment have foregone certain planned activities.


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EXO Suho Cast as Lead In Korean Remake of “Rich Man, Poor Woman”

Suho has been cast as the male lead in the Korean remake of the Japanese drama, “Rich Man, Poor Woman”.

Suho exo drama
Source: OSEN News

On November 17 SM Entertainment said, “Suho will appear in a remake version of the Japanese drama “Rich Man, Poor Woman”. The plot for the drama centers on the relationship between a technology company entrepreneur and a college senior looking for a job. Unfortunately, the two have a tense first encounter that results in a mistaken-identity situation. However, the encounter leaves them invariably intertwined.

iHQ will produce the remake version, which will have 16 episode. Furthermore, Ha Yeon-soo is currently in discussions for the lead female role. Moreover, the exact date for filming has not been decided.

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